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I've just joined to seek support. I successfully lost weight with Weight Watchers a few years ago but their new system is hard to follow and my working hours makes attending meetings very difficult. My main problem is long working hours in a new job with quite a bit of driving. It's often 9pm when I eat my evening meal and by 10pm I'm in bed. I'd like to check in regularly for a bit of support and would be interested if anybody wants to do likewise.

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Hi Claire,

Welcome to the forum.

Whilst I have been at my job for 7 years, I also travel a lot both nationally and internationally and have found this plan much easier to stick to as I always felt that Weight Watchers was a struggle if you don't have access to a kitchen to create your own meals.

Happy to share any other tips and advice that may help.

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Hi Claire

I've just joined too! I'm sure we'll get lots of support and tips on here.

Good luck!

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I lost 5 stone with Weight Watchers last year, then it changed and I went off track and gained the weight all back! I lost my confidence, fitness and resolve. Although my job Lorry driving doesn't help much either..........dam you WW


Hi Claire - this is a great forum for getting positive support, advice and humour to keep you on track to a healthier eating plan. It worked for me, and I am now working on maintaining a healthy weight and going for more walks to keep active. Good luck and enjoy the journey! :)


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