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Time of the Month/Cravings/Hormones - Ladies I need you!!!

I hope you guys are doing well!

So when the time of the month comes around I just crave JUNK, and I feel so demotivated. Does anyone else feel like this???

This is a major problem I have. I will be doing fine, eating well, and sticking to working out/being active but as soon as the time of the month comes, the cramps before hand, the actual process, and the recovery process, everything just gets ruined because I just want to eat bad foods, and not do anything. My mood gets really sad and negative to.

Wondering if any ladies know how to make this better???

I have even considered going on the pill to just stop it all together, but I am too nervous about the side effects. So I have to deal with it, just don't know how!


Sorry to anyone who finds talking about periods offensive in anyway or disgusting.

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I have the exact same problem! It's currently my time of the month and all I crave is carbs, every time, drives me mad but I can't help it! I also feel like nothing fills me and I always feel hungry, I think it's because of hormonal changes because I was the same when I was pregnant. My energy levels drop to none existent too which makes it super hard to get moving. You're not alone 😊 xx


Not all women get side effects from the pill. In my experience; the smaller you are, the greater the side effects because the pill comes in a one size fits all package! I used to take the same dosage when I weighed 14 stones, as my neighbour, who weighed only 7 stones! I found taking the pill suited me absolutely fine - solved all the period pain problems and mood swings for me, but my neighbour felt bloated and uncomfortable and wasn't happy with it - probably due to her proportionately higher dosage for her body weight.

The only other tip is to watch what foods you eat - a craving for bread can lead to the yeast in it causing uncomfortable effects like candida (thrush) so try and satisfy your cravings with fruit and veg, where possible. Pasta can make you feel bloated too. It is a cruel trick of nature to put we women through all this misery every month. The one good thing about being over 50!


YES!! And as you get older it gets harder as your hormones are all over the place, so sometimes you don't understand why you are eating junk and then suddenly will have a period and think Ah! Now I know! I think you need to just go with it and try to be good the rest of the time.


This is my problem too. Haven't found anything that works in the 15 months I've been trying :/ just have to work harder afterwards!


I am at the time of life when hormones are all over place too Which plays havoc with weight loss/gain ! 😕

But do have strong memories of everything you describe Aasma-Halima 😕 I managed it by being a little more lenient food wise and tried to keep up the exercise which really helps even though it is the last thing you feel like doing! I also found immediately after TOTM I would feel slim and energised and these would be my two "good" weeks to compensate With weight loss good for these two weeks whereas the others I would gain or sts but over the whole month it balanced out.

Good luck


I was exactly like you until I was told that I must be responsible so therefore I am now in total control and I do not allow my hormones to take over me. I therefore eat and do exercise as though I would not be getting my period.

I hope I have helped you!

Good luck! It isn't easy but once are responsible and you will be ore in control of your actions than you will feel over the moon! You can and will do it!


Snap mine started yesterday (just before I was due to weigh in aswell😔) so it could just be in my head but I haven't felt as full as the rest of the week. Luckily the scales were still my friend and I lost 4 pounds (was expecting it to put a couple of pounds back on me). Just think a few more days n then we don't have to worry about it for another month 😀

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