I cannot get below 14st

I cannot get below 14st

Any ideas how I can get past this barrier. I need some inspiration on how I can do this. I have tried doing more exercise(walking). I find that difficult after a while because I am waiting for my knee replacement on 30th June. I would like to lose some more weight before then that will help recovery from this major operation. Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks all.


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3 Replies

  • Maybe try an exercise video (go easy or avoid the knee stress bits) as that burns calories. I'm doing one now and really enjoying it as I can feel it beginning to tone up the muscle under the flab. On my walks I seek out as many hilly bits as I can and try to walk as quickly as I can as going uphill doesn't seem to stress my dodgy knee and it is tough, might work for you. Can you cut out any more carbs and fats from your diet they can slow the weight loss down? Good luck and hope the op goes well. :-)

  • Have you tried something a bit more low impact on your legs perhaps an exercise bike at a nice slow pace I do 30 minutes on mine 3 times per week and just take my time and always burn well over 100 calories and work up quite a sweat. This might help until your leg is better 😀

  • 14 is just a number. This is a mental barrier, and the way to get past it is by following the 12 week plan, watching what you eat, and keep moving. The fitter you are now, the faster you will recover after your knee op. Swimming is a great exercise which will help you get fitter, men can do Aquafit too it's not just for the ladies! Good luck

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