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Scales- body fat %, hydration, bone mass etc


In my bid to lose weight I've bought some scales that measure all sorts of things through an electrical pulse through the lower body. I'm sure a lot of you here have the same thing. My question is, do you find them very accurate? Do you actively monitor each section or do you just look at the weight hopefully going down?


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Haven't got one of those but now you've described how it works I might invest .....


The scale is usually pretty accurate. What can be discouraging is when exercising you are adding muscle and loosing fat, but muscle weighs more than fat, so you might not see the scale moving as much as you think it should. A good note to keep in mind.

Bioelecritcal impedance to measure your body fat percentage is usually about 5-8% variance. So no... not really that great, not to mention a plethora of other issues. For more info: weightology.net/weightology...

My advice is to take measurements. You can look up online how to take them correctly so you do them the same every time, but the ruler will not lie :)


Thanks for the reply. I'll try not to get discouraged about the figures not moving.


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