C25k please don't give up!!!!

Please don't give up you all done so well at the beginning as I said the hardest part for me was getting out the door to start with. If your finding it moving to fast repeat the previous week until your ready to go on anyway I can help I will just message me I've gone through it all starting running when I was 5 stone heavy thanks Gareth


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  • Hi Gareth,

    Thanks for the encouragement, and I'll pin this post today, and link to the previous one here:


    Here's to a great week ahead, and hopefully we'll all manage to keep going! It's great that we can message you if we need to - many thanks Gareth, and hope you have a great week too.

    We can do this!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes I've been a regular plodder for 15 years now and it has so many benefits in mental health, well being, green exercise, confidence, making friends ... and even after 15 years and a couple of marathons it's still sometimes hard to get out of the door! But I've NEVER regretted taking up running and I can't think of a run that I've ever done and regretted - I always feel better afterwards than before. Go on you've got this!


  • Thanks for this Gareth.

    I have decided to give myself the proverbial kick up the backside and completed the first run of week 2 today.

    I did three runs in week with a rest day in betwen. Week 2 certainly is harder than week one, but I think a lot of it for me is mindset

  • Yaaaay Rossbale! Well done you! You can do it, just believe in yourself :)

  • Hi Rossbale,

    Fantastic! Well done!

    You're doing really well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I shall look to participate in this (whatever it is!) when I have lost another stone as I tried gentle jogging week one and 3 days later my knee flared up just a bit so its back to brisk walking and lots of hills.

    I agree with fleur64, running is good for the soul, I've done a couple of marathons and a dozen half marathons, no records broken still great fun but for me the training was the best bit, being able to switch off from everything and focus on the jog/run sometimes it is like switching on cruise control as you get into a rhythm. I've tried a couple of times to get back to that point and done it and for me it seemed to be about 6 weeks of perseverance to push through the "this is ****** hard work" phase. I'm missing it badly as I type this. :-)

  • I'm not giving up, just on go-slow this week and might repeat week 2 :-)

  • Hi Gareth 😀 I am definitely not giving up the c25k challenge as I am loving it !!! Just finding it a bit difficult to fit it in around work, kids and life 😯 I am going to do the runs as I can fit them in. I have completed run 2 wk 2 and aim to do run 3 on Friday as got a mega busy couple of days and evenings. Do you think I can carry on like this or should I revisit wk 2 again when I can do it every other day?

  • I'm definitely no expert Claire and I'm sure gareth0073 will be able to advise you much better than me, but my feeling is to do what you feel comfortable with.

    It's quite likely that life will intervene on a regular basis and you might get a bit fed up if you keep backtracking. It may be that as long as the gaps between runs aren't too far apart, then you'll be OK just progressing to the next run. Be guided by how you feel on the day :)

    You're doing a fab job! :)

  • Thanks moreless 😀 I will take it one run at a time when I can do it and keep you all posted. Off to cinema now to watch me before you with a girly friend. May include one glass of wine and some popcorn!! Been good all day and factored this into my calories🍿🍷 1st time out in wks and looking forward to it 😆 hope your having a lovely evening too. Claire x

  • Oh, that's lovely! I hope you have a smashing time! You soooooo deserve it! :)

  • Thanks moreless your too lovely for words 😘😍😀 xxx

  • Thank you Claire, you're too kind for words :) xxx

  • Well done everyone one keep it up

  • gareth0073 I just did my third run but it was done over I think 2 weeks. in other words not every second day like they suggested. May I go on to the second week or should I repeat week one and do it every second day? I found these runs very easy.

    I managed to copy it on my mp3. It seems like it just needed a break! :)

  • You do what ever you are comtable with if you are do finding them easy go on to the next week but this is not a race to get to the end just stay in your comfort zone for a bit. You got loads of time to push yourself once the course has endded Gareth

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