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Here I go 1st 7lb to go


I have been failing to lose weight for weeks now, I dont understand as usually when I put my mind to it I can do it but for some reason now I can't ?

I found this site and start tomorrow I have been advised that between 1300 and 1700 cals a day, that doesnt seem much but ill give it a go.

Anyone else starting tomorrow wcould buddy up.

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Good luck and welcome to the forum Nanmar. That calorie range is fine, depending on your level of activity and the lower figure is the one to aim for for weight loss, just make sure you are getting the calories from "proper" food :-) And portion control is vital. I weigh everything and keep a food and drink diary too and manage to not feel hungry on between 1400 - 1600 calories a day, ( I am 6ft tall male), I have lost on average 2lbs a week.

Onwards and downwards :-)

Nanmar. I too need the same weight loss! Used to run and due to a niggle not been out for nearly a year! So here goes! I have a holiday in 3 weeks too :-/

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Thanks for the reply Millie im just off to the shop to get some healthy food. Feeling quite positive at the moment just have to keep thinking about my holiday and not wanting bulges in the wrong places.

I used to swim every morning and got quite good and felt pretty healthy, I have no good excuse for stopping apart from being lazy.

How are you getting on have you been dieting for long ?

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Nanmar,

Good luck with your goals, and Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. Do have a look at our Pinned posts area and especially the Welcome Newbie post - the PInned posts are on the right-hand-side of the homepage.

If you'd like to join in with a weekly weigh-in group, then do have a look at the Monday group weigh-in thread (see the Events section below the Pinned posts for the latest thread), and if you like the look of it, then please do join us.

I hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

Thank you all for your welcome, day 1 underway. !!!!

BarneRestart Sept 2019
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Hello again - just noticed this post is 2 months old - oops! Hope all went well Nanmar!

BarneRestart Sept 2019

Welcome Nanmar! This is week 3 for me - I have 1 stone 11 pounds to lose. This forum is very supportive - and offers lots of hints and tips! Good luck with your first week :)

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