Back at Day 1 and feeling Good

Good Afternoon everyone. I thought I would bore you in my meals so far today.

Breakfast: 1 Crumpet, 1 poached egg, beans with small glass of fresh orange, and a cup of tea (yes, I am weird haha)

Mid Morning Snack: I was naughty here, but, I am being honest with you, and not just keeping the information from you like I intended to do haha I had 2 small bags of haribo, you know the really tiny bags that cost about 10p in supermarket? 2 of those.

Lunch: Jacket Potato with tuna (made up of salad cream. with an orange to follow. and a cup of tea

... does this seem ok so far? I know the haribo was bad, but other than those, are there any alterations you think I should be making?

Thankyou for your help as always :)


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6 Replies

  • Can't really figure out why you'd want to put tuna on a potato! Really strange what people eat over here. ;)

    For me, I think the hardest thing is trying to fit in the fruit and vegetables. They're just not as convenient as many things (like Haribo ;) ). Maybe you could find a way to include some healthy veggie snacks in your meal planning to avoid the naughty treats? I also like to add a salad with a baked potato. But that's just me. :)

  • thanks for the advice :)

  • Hi, not boring, quite reminiscent of my diet a few weeks ago! You seem to be lacking in vegetables and salad. I would leave out the haribo and salad cream, it would be healthier to have a tsp of butter on the potato if you find it dry. I used to struggle getting my '5 a day' but a few simple tweaks and I usually have more than that now. You could add cucumber, peppers, spring onion, to the tuna perhaps. Sure that there are many people on here that know a lot more about nutrition than me, I'm a relative newcomer, but hope this helps.

  • Great Idea, Thankyou ! I will do that :)

  • A bit late replying on this thread, TakeAction91. I would swop the orange juice for an actual orange, or even for canned mandarins with the juice thrown away. Juices have the same amount of sugar in them as, say, cola. We think they're healthy because the are fruit juices, so the sugar comes with a little vitamin C. But it is still sugar. Eating it, means you get it with the fibre as well, which is better for us. I would add some raw or grilled toms to my breakfast, and probably some mushrooms, if I had any.

    I would probably have had 2 crumpets, one for my egg and the other for my beans. I just love the way the yolk and the sauce runs into the holes. I do buy the cheaper crumpets (basics/smart price etc) so that I can have 2 as they are less kcals than the big ones.

    I would definitely have tuna on my baked potato. And I love salad cream too, but these days it would tend to be a low fat one, unless I was having it as a special treat. I would fill up my plate with veg, but you know I'm a veg addict. I do like my tuna with some sweetcorn/chopped spring onion or finely chopped onion in with it. I also try out a lot of various salad dressings both bought and home made. And I often mix the two together. So for a vinaigrette type dressing, I often mix basalmic and mustard with one of Sainsbury's ambient Good for you diet dressings. The bought thickens up my two very low kcal additions. I also like plain yog or quark with some vinegar mixed in. I do season with salt and pepper quite heavily as it seasons my salads.

    I would have some fruit after my lunch, maybe with a plain yog or a low fat, low sugar yogurt and maybe instead of the Haribo. But I don't like kiddies' sweeties. Now if it was a luxury dark chocolate! There's nothing wrong with you having a little treat and that does sound like a very little one! I wouldn't have it in the morning, but that isn't my temptation time. So well done. What did you have for dinner/supper? Can't really judge a day's intake till we see the whole day.

  • :) :) :) :)

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