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Restart after 2weeks holiday

Hi everyone just back from two weeks holiday weighed in at 11stone 4lbs just 2lbs more than I was when I went so I am pleased about that. Before I went I posted about a fall I had where I broke my nose had a bad injury to my knee and lots of cuts and bruising well that throw me off course with the diet I did lots comfort eating so I am really pleased but as I was 11-8 when I stared I should be on week 8 now so I have decided to start from week 1 again and hope to stay on my feet this time as I was doing so well almost got to my first half stone.

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Hello holiday100

You are not the only one trying to lose excess holiday weight 😕 I thought I had done well but still gained 😕 Never mind, onwards and downwards as they say 😊 Good luck to us both


Thanks Anna61 as you say got to stay positive in this case it would be nice to have a downwards spiral cheers good luck to you.

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Wow just 2 pounds after 2 weeks holiday well done u. I would have piled it on u must have really resisted 😀


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