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Starting today

I'm starting today.

Not sure what to expect. Have tried count calories before but got bored.

Hoping to stick to it this time round.

How do you nice people motivate yourself?

I do have a goal ( upcoming holiday) for some reason it just isn't enough😌 I find it hard to loose 5kg. Would love to loose 10kg but if I loose 5 it will be a good start. I know it's not a lot but I just can't seem to get pass 75kg. I loose 2 kg then put it back on....and so on.

Anybody else having same battle?

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I completely understand. I hated counting calories. I have been here 10 days. I am having a bit of trouble counting calories but I have figured out if I write down everything I eat when I eat it, then I can always go back and figure the calories later. when I first started, I was eating a few too many calories but now I see where I can cut back and I am losing weight. I have lost about 9 pounds in 10 days and am beginning to feel good already. I need to lose about 100 pounds as I am morbidly obese and old too lol. I have no special thing coming up, just need to take some pressure off my old knees. you are lucky you have something to look forward to. the people here are wonderful and supportive and very very helpful. we have all been through the yo-yo diet thing where we count calories or carbs or take vitamins or what ever. if you write it down, then count it , and then do some exercise, move your body some, you will lose the weight I promise.


Thank you for your nice words and encouragement.

We can only try ;)

Good luck to you too


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