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Start of week 37 - Life Askew

Well I have now started to have success with the MyFitnessApp, although it has taken me three weeks. I have finally returned to my weight I was at before I started using the app after yo-yoing around my weight over the last few weeks. This is not ideal, but now I can see my calories, fat intake, protein intake, and so much more. The app is really good, but getting used to it has taken me the last three weeks; and me a computer scientist!!!

At least now I can re-concentrate on losing those last few stubborn pounds. What is also frustrating is at work for the last nine weeks I have been waiting to be placed onto a contract, so have been sat around in limbo land; being paid for doing nothing. As a result I cannot get into a routine of exercise and healthy eating. The hotel I chose last week has a decent restaurant attached and serves an excellent choice of breakfast so it looks likely over the next few weeks I can go for a healthy breakfast and evening meal. I now just need to rekindle some walking back into my weekly routine, then I should be back on target.

I know meaningful journeys are never supposed to be easy, but I feel my life has gone through some bad habits the last few weeks. Please do not get me wrong, my eating habits are still on track, but it just seems my life is a little askew. It is probably my work life that is causing much of the upset, but hey, I am still ever the optimist and things will work out.

So it is onwards and upwards; or as one of my favourite movie stars used to say, “To infinity and beyond.”

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Buzz lightyear is a fav of mine as well . It must be really hard organising yourself when having to stay in hotels . sounds like you are on top of it .have a great week


Nice if the hotels have a gym though, so you can have a few work outs? Good luck with shifting the last few pounds....


Good luck 😊 Glad you are back on track, but great to have maintained 😊 Good luck


I tend to do it the other way round these days. I use my healthy eating plans and weight loss strategies as the basis for organising my life. Although, I can remember days when I became very good at mindless computer games because work was being reorganised and I had finished all the ongoing projects. It is unsettling. I should have written the novel! That at least would have been productive for something. Surely there is someone drowning in work that could really do with a helping hand?? At one job, they used to give me an ongoing task that was endless, of checking all the payments on the big accounts and clearing the discrepancies. I found £K s. But not on commission, alas. Still it felt like a good day's work.

So really empathise with your limbo. Hope that lovely contract finds you soon.


Thank you

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