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You guys are an inspiration!

Happy sunday everyone! This is my first post (one week old newbie). Ive been lurking here for the past week or so but finally worked up the confidence to write a post. I was reading the comments at about 5pm today feeling very lethargic and lazy. After reading about someone's walk I decided to get out of bed and take one myself. It felt wonderful and refreshing. Got back and made a chicken and vegetable noodle soup. The recipe called for fresh thyme but I only had rosemary. It worked out well ☺

Now im prepping my meals for tomorrow. I feel good and in control. Thank you to all of you, being honest about your vulnerabilities makes me feel less alone. This forum is definitely what I have been looking for.

It's 8pm now and im turning in, going to a grid class at 5am. T

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Pleased you've had a good day! I agree, a walk is a real tonic, I've been posting photos of views I've seen on some of my walks, if I'm feeling lazy I look at those and off I go again! You are right about this forum, everyone is great!


It does feel nice to prepare your meals doesn't it? I quite like planning my menus for the week and also I enjoy it all much more because it feels like each meal is to be savoured (rather than just shovelled in as fuel!). Have a great week!

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Wow, the power of the forum :-) Well done !!


Amazing and well done. You will get loads of encouragement here. Walking is free exercise. Wishing you every success. Keep us posted on your progress.


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