Hi everyone and happy Sunday to you all.

It had been a few days since I had popped on and thought I should come and say hi to you all.

How have you all been? I hope C25K runners are doing great too! (I so miss being with you all).

Can't wait to get on scales tomorrow morning. Although I don't expect much loss but hoping that I would have lost atleast 1lb.😕😕

I was just speaking to my niece abroad and she just reminded me that I told her I will not be coming to visit her until I have lost at least 20kg😕😯😯 (I had totally forgotten about that!😠😣).

Not sure how im going to handle this new feeling now but started feeling pretty emotional since I spoke to her.

Hope you all have the best of remaining Sunday and wish you all a wonderful week ahead. ☺☺



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16 Replies

  • Hi Sana,

    It's lovely to hear from you! We miss you in the C25K Challenge, but it's great that you made a decision that felt right for you, and we completely support you in your decision - you're half-way through Ramadhan, and I hope it is going well for you.

    I don't know if it was you, or someone else (possibly isou7000) who told me about Reflection being a significant part of Ramadhan - and I think it's understandable that you'd be feeling emotional after speaking to your niece. I would suggest not trying to necessarily push your emotions aside - as it can be ok to feel things - whatever the emotions, and so maybe just be kind to yourself and allow yourself to tolerate the feeling - it will pass after a while hopefully.

    I find this passage by someone called Jack Kornfield to be quite liberating regarding 'feelings':

    "Feelings can move through us like the changing weather, and we can be free to feel them and move on like the wind... "Free" is not free of feelings, but free to feel each one and let it move on, unafraid of the movement of life."

    I don't know if it helps you, but I know that sometimes we can turn to food to comfort eat when we feel mixed emotions, and yet it can really help to just notice the feeling, and accept it, and then move forward, rather than reaching for food - I try to do that myself when I can - it's not always easy, but it can help.

    Hope you have a lovely evening and good luck for tomorrow's Monday group weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes it was me 😊

    I think she meant she was half way through day 6. Ramadan lasts another 3 weeks 😊

    Best wishes isou7000

  • Hi Isou,

    Oh, I see - Day 6 - I didn't realise Ramadan lasted so long. Thanks for clarifying that. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • You're welcome 😉

    Ramadan is actually a month in the Islamic calendar, like June, July etc. This was the month the Holy Quran was first revealed to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and Allah (God) instructed us to fast during daylight hours for the entire time. Because our calendar follows moon cycles, our months tend to be slightly shorter than the Gregorian calendar, which is why Ramadan moves back about two weeks every year. At the moment we are fasting for around 19 hours per day, but when Ramadan arrives in the winter (in several years time) it will be easier for us, since we will only be fasting for about 8 hours.

    This fasting is one of the five main pillars of Islam.

  • thanks for explaining, Isou. :-)

  • Thank you so much Zest. I know I feel like I am missing the motivation of C25K that I was getting from everyone. Surely we will have that again soon and in the meantime I am just trying to make the most of Ramadhan and isou7000 gave such wonderful explanation aboit Ramadhan that I could not have done any better!😀👍.

    Thank you for that Isou and yes you were right. I meant half way through the day 6. ☺

    See you in the morning with the weight, Lowcal xx. ☺

    Sana. ☺

  • Great Sana, I will look forward to seeing you at the weigh-in.

    Good luck!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    I've been notified that Sana's sent me a reply to my message, but when I click on it, I can't see it.

    Do you know why please?

  • Hi Isou7000,

    I'm sorry, I don't know why that would be.

    I am glad that you have found her thread so you can make contact.

    I would suggest if the problem occurs again, then you could contact the HU staff and report it as a technical issue?

    I hope however that it might resolve itself and perhaps have just been a glitch.

    Best wishes,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. You were right - I couldn't reply for several hours and then it suddenly worked!

    If it happens again, I'll do as you suggested 😊

  • Great, glad it's working again now. :-)

  • Salam alaikum Sana,

    You're welcome and jazaaki Allahu khairun to you too.

    How's your fasting going? I can't believe we've done one week already MashAllah.

    It's been lovely for me this year as my husband works night shifts in his main job and this time he's taken three weeks holiday, so that means we get to have iftar together and invite friends to share etc.

    He goes to the mosque afterwards for taraweeh prayers. I stay at home with the kids and he comes home and we have sahor. It's nice to pray fajr together al hamdoAllah as normally we're both so busy, we pray separately.

    What do you normally do?

    Fe iman Allah 😊

  • Walaikum Assalam isou7000 .☺

    I know right.😅 one week gone already! And before we know it , it will be gone for anothr 11 months eh... Masha Allah I am so happy for you as your husband is able to join you this time for such a blessed Month Alhamdulillah! ☺. You all get to offerprayers together☺

    I work part time duirng the day and run a Madrassah in the afternoon. Look after my 3 children and Hubby and manage the house as well. 😄😃

    Fasting is going great Masha Allah and although it's really long, I don't really feel hungry or thirsty 😅. My husband and my son have memorised the Qur'an and both are leading Taraweeh at night Masha Allah. 😊 it is just amazing to be able to hear them both read while me and my daughter read our taraveeh Masha Allah. We all have Sehar together as a family. Alhamdulillah ☺.

    Fee Iman Allah. ☺


  • MashAllah that's lovely and thanks for your kind words. 😊

  • Assalam U Alaikum isou7000 and good evening Zest. I am so sorry for disappearing for several days from the forum. I hope you both and everyone else has been fine in my absence.

    I have had some terrible few days in the paat week. I lost a very caring and lovely cousin who was more like a brother to me, to Kidney cancer on Friday early hours of the morning.😭😭😭

    He was just 37 years of age and left behind a very young wife and 2 children aged 3 years and 8 months old. This is the very toug time for the whole family as we grew up together and he never made us feel like we were cousins. Please pray for him as well as all the family as everyone is going through very hard time at the moment.😭😭.

    I will try and submitmy weight tomorrow if possible, otherwise I will keep track of it for the following week.

    Take care xx.


  • Hi Sana,

    I just read your post in the Monday weigh-in group, and you mentioned you had tagged me, so I then looked out for the tag - which I've found here, thank you so much. I am sorry I didn't see this post before now, and I would like to extend my sincere condolences for your sad loss of your dear cousin. I am really sorry to hear that news. I would like to wish all the best to you and to all of your family.

    I am aware you've felt able to submit your weigh-in post today, and so well done for doing so, and I'm glad you did well.

    I am so sorry that you're having to deal with such sad news, and please take care, and give time to your grief with your family.

    All the best, Sana.

    Hope the week goes ok.

    Lowcal :-)

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