Hi everyone :)

I'm a struggling yoyo dieter who has just realised I'm the heaviest I've ever been!! I have PCOS and recently had a stint on steroids for a respiratory related infection. All said and done I have no one to blame but myself for my conditions.

I live in a bubble telling myself I look fine, when intact, I can't sleep at night for back ache. I can hardly move in the morning for joint pain. I feel lazy, probably due to the 7 extra stone I am carrying. I've tried every fad diet under the sun every WL club there is to join and here I am. Realising the only person that can help me really is me!!

My BMI is 39.9 :( I'm worried about the risk to my health this comes with.

I'm looking for any inspiration. Success stories. Motivation. Hints and tips

It really is time I got real so if anyone can offer any help I would be eternally grateful.

Ps how do I fined the welcom newbie post?

Many thanks in advance :)


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  • Sounds like you're ready to make a change for good - and you're in the right place. You certainly won't regret it.

    There are lots of inspiring stories on here, stick around, comment on some posts, and join us for the Monday weigh in starting tomorrow. Check out pinned posts on the right hand side of the page for the newbies post and weigh ins. Check out the reboot posts and add your thoughts at the end of each week.

    Good luck - hope to see you around in the next few weeks!

  • Thank you, I shall be here tomorrow weigh in tomorrow. I'm not looking too forward to it but hopefully one day I'll be excited about weigh in. I've had a good look round now and I'm looking forward to making the most of all that's to hand on here πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Hi Gail1875

    You have answered the most important question "The only person who can help myself is me" it has taken me ages to realise this and now I am on week 4 of the 12 week plan you can download each week and for me it is a change of lifestyle like all of us on this forum the 12 week plan educates you into a different mindset you find yourself thinking about goodness etc in foods I have not had any chocolate/cakes etc since I started I know I can if I place the calorific value in my daily allowance but now I don't want to, this isn't a diet you don't deny yourself anything it is sensible healthy eating and making good choices, you may have an off day but put it in the past tomorrow start again, don't pressure yourself aim for small goals up the exercise I am just doing more walking as I know I am not up to running, my goal is to don my swimsuit once again I won't wait till I have reached my target just till I feel comfortable again. The newbie link is on the right hand side of the screen, you can join in any mini challenges also on the right hand side. There is a Monday weigh in, I have yet to do this as I get obsessed and stand on the scales too often, so my first will be next Monday (4 weeks since starting) then I will weigh every 2 weeks do whatever suits you. Everyone here is encouraging we are all here for the same reason. Good luck keep us posted on your success, the admin team will welcome you shortly. Bev

  • Thank you. I am going to do the weigh in tomorrow and hopefully one day I will be looking forward to weigh in. I'm going to make good use of all that is to hand here and I plan to start swimming and the 5k training. I'm also doing measurements tomorrow.... Not looking forward to that πŸ™ˆ

  • Hello Gail. Welcome. My own weight gain (two stone) was due to steroids. I foolishly thought it would just 'go' when I got back to normal health and eating. No such luck. Then eventually (very much eventually!) I realised that what my 'normal' eating was doing was maintaining at two stone above my usual weight. Light bulb moment. So now I have joined this site and am about halfway back down to my goal. So be assured that it really is possible. In my own case at least I know that 'maintenance' afterwards should be OK, I hope. There is a lot of friendly and helpful support to be found here on this site.

  • Thank you. I had been on steroids many years ago for a long time which completely changed my body shape. This time it was a short time but I have gained so much weight in such a short time. I am setting myself a 5% loss as my first goal. Starting swimming and going to try the 5k training. Fingers crossed.

  • Welcome Gail,

    Yes, it is only you that can do this and with the help of the forum members you can achieve it!

    I started 22 weeks ago with a BMI of 34 - Obese, now I have a BMI of 28 - overweight :-)

    By keeping to the 12 week plan and tweaking it to suit myself along the way I have lost 3stones 2lbs - so far!

    My health has improved no end; joint pains - gone, energy levels improved, sleeping - much better and no snoring!

    Jump on board and see the difference, small steps at a time and you will get there in the end. I never thought I would get this far in such a "short" space of time :-)

    Good luck - John

  • Wow well done you!! I'm so shocked at my bmi. But I think I might have needed that shock to make me do something about it. I'm setting my self small weight loss and fitness goals so fingers crossed.

  • First of all you are not to "blame" no person is! Our brains make us want to eat whenever we are stressed anxious unhappy or feeling miserable πŸ˜• I also challenge the word "lazy" as it is so often used to describe bigger people yet I know many slim people who don't move very much!!! Grrrr !! Rant over !

    However for practical help, things that I found helpful were taking small steps, taking the time to plan and create good eating habits for permanent change. I am on this eating plan for life, so I follow a generous plan including all my favourites with regular treats and have lost weight slowly and steadily 😊 I didn't gain it all overnight so cannot expect to lose it quickly. Also I was advised that 5% reduction in weight will improve overall health, 10% even more, so don't worry about the end number, havd smaller goals along the way 😊

    Very best wishes

  • Thank you I have had a day of beating myself up and feeling annoyed at me. Now though I'm ready to make the changes needed. I'll be doing the weigh in tomorrow and have set a 5% weight loss goal. Also I am setting myself small exercise goals too. It's so great to meet like minded people there to keep you in the right frame of mind.

  • Those are very good goals 😊 Glad you are feeling s bit better and more positive 😊

    Very best wishes 😊

  • My advice is start slowly. Try to walk every day, even if with a stick for help, go around the block nothing too much. It keeps you positive and focused. Lots of people on this site have done well, so keep in touch, read other peoples blogs and reply. Rather than beat yourself up about your weight aim to eat more fruit and vegetables, even target one more a day this week, two more next week. As you increase in the good foods, you find you are less hungry and crave less in time, remember it took a long time to put it on so it must come off slowly and forever and ever. .......

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