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getting started and sticking to it

Hi. Have been to the hospital yesterday, to be told i need to loose at lest 8 to 10 stone over a 2 year period. Have started my weight matters today. Any tips on how to keep to it, and what sort of exercises to do. I do walking anyway. Any help would be great. I don't want to join a slimming club done that but it does not work for me.

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Hello 😊 You will receive an official welcome soon. This is a great forum with very friendly supportive members 😊 For me it was about changing my mind set and attitude, and then making healthier but permanent eating habits 😊 Good luck


Hi and welcome, I can only reiterate what Anna61 has said this is a brilliant forum so much support if you need it, I too didn't want to go to a club, been there done that, but I look upon this as a type of club, you can join the Monday weigh in, do any of the challengers, ask for and help others with advice not just one night a week but 24/7 it's fantastic and does not cost a penny. If you love to walk get yourself a pedometer or fit bit etc to count your daily steps it is good to see you beating the previous day's steps. You can do this, we all can with support and a huge amount of will power.

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Hi and welcome to the forum and to the whole weight loss thing. I was in your position last summer and needed to lose at least 9 stone and so far, after 9 months, I have lost 6stone 5lbs of those and feel so much better.

I too felt a bit lost and even didn't believe I could do it at first, but believe me, it is possible. Not only that, but if you make sure you eat enough and do activities that you enjoy, you will find the journey quite enjoyable! Who'd have thought it?

There is a brilliant thread to welcome new members, here:


it has loads of hints and tips, inspirational stories and lots of advice.

Above all, join in and have fun!


Hi Ally,

Don't be disheartened I know it may seem a lot of weight but you CAN do it :-)

It helps me to break it down into smaller targets as I have 5 stone I would like to lose so I am doing a one stone at a time.

I also do walking and keep to the recommended 10,000 steps per day, I also bought myself an exercise bike and use this for 30 minutes 3 times per week as I like exercise that can be as low impact as possible with being out of practice when it comes to exercise.

As for keeping to it the biggest thing for me is support and other people going through what I am which is why I am so pleased to have found this forum. I suggest when you feel your willpower wavering log on and you don't even need to message, just read some of the lovely and motivational posts and it will keep you strong.

Good luck

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Don't look at the longer term - just plan your menu and activities for tomorrow.

Chuck out tempting goodies and stock up on fruit teas, fresh fruit, vegetables, soups and healthy snacks so that if you find yourself reaching for food out of habit, there will be something you can have which won't ruin your calories for the day.

Find some hobby or activity to divert you from using food as a feel-good item; knit, draw, sew, read, cook, gardening, walking, cycling, swimming...keep yourself busy and occupied, and then enjoy your meals when you have them, but go easy on the portion sizes. Fill up on water, fruit teas, coffee etc, and hey presto, you are on your way!


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