Refined sugar is a man made addictive drug. It is a factor in obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc., etc. The only safe level is zero. It is not a natural product, it is only derived from a natural product and only part of a food. It is too highly concentrated for healthy metabolism, deficient in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients including fiber and too acidic.

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  • I agree but also feel to try to "ban" something will only make me crave it 😕 Similar with alcohol. I follow a 90% guideline - 90% healthy home cooked ingredients with occasional drinks and treats 😊

  • Sugar and salt were originally used to preserve fruits and meats so they could be eaten out of season (Jam, and Bacon, for example). All these things can still be enjoyed but only if eaten in moderation - and that is the key moderation, meaning small amounts and only occasionally, not every day.

  • white flour and salt too

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