New Job creates a nice problem !

I heard this morning that I have been offered a new job! Good news for me, I start on Monday :-)

The dress code is "corporate" so I go and search through my wardrobe, yes my OH allows me one small wardrobe, and you guessed it - I have only one suit, brought back recently from Cyprus, and 2 shirts that fit me! The others I had sorted out two months ago and gave them all away to the charity shop.

I found one suit but the trousers needed taking in by 6 inches! So that is not viable either.

On the plus side the ties and shoes still fit :-) but struggling for a belt as well!

So I think I will be ok for the first week but then it will mean shopping for work clothes - obviously I am pleased to have lost so much weight and now thinking what size do I buy?

A concerted effort is now needed to get to my target weight of 14 stones and be able to buy a new suit, or two, that I will get some wear out of rather than buy some that I will be throwing out again.

Another plus is that I can incorporate walking 2 miles a day in getting to my new offices from the town centre plus a walk at lunchtime into town.

Now thinking of healthy packed lunches for the week :-)

Have a great weekend everyone ! John


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32 Replies

  • Hi John, that's great news! Congratulations! :)

    And even better to find that you've shrunk out of all your clothes. It's definitely a nice dilemma to have. Good luck with the new job. :D

  • Well done you! a new job, new prospects, I hope you enjoy it. Had to laugh about the tie and shoes fitting why do you think I like handbags? because I know without a doubt they will fit me, no worries. Good luck with the 2 mile office walk, you will soon be running it. Good luck for the future that 14st mark is truly in your sight. Bev

  • The walk will be one mile each way so not so daunting :-)

  • Certainly a good dilemma John! Good luck in the new job :)

  • Congratulations on the new job & the new slimline you, what a great feeling that must be when you put on clothes that are now too big...fab. Enjoy your new job.

  • It's kind of funny in a way. As kids we look forward to growing out of our clothes because they're too small for us. Now we look forward to exactly the opposite! :D

  • ha ha very true, and funny Vicky !

  • Hi John,

    Congratulations!!!! :-)

    That is great news!

    Lowcal :-)

  • What great news! Well done on being offered the new job. I expect that mile walk each way will soon help you get to that target of 14 stone. Sure you will look very smart in your new suits. Have a great weekend and best of luck for Monday :)

  • Well done John!

  • Well done on the new job 😊 I feel sure you will soon be at 14 stone 😊🎉😊

  • Congratulations on the new job and I love your positive attitude!

  • Buy a couple of suits that fit you well now from a charity shop, then donate them back when you reach target and can invest in new. Congrats on the new job and your progress!

  • Hi John,

    Congratulations on the new job :-)

    As for your suits not fitting that's just a reminder of how well you are doing with your weight loss and it seems to me at that rate you will be at your 14 stone target in now time.

    I would look at the buying of new clothes as a sensible purchase because you WON'T put your weight back on again and need to replace them. Those new suits will last you a long time.

    Enjoy your weekend

  • Well done on the new job John!

    Would you say they spotted the new confident you that has emerged since having lost weight? I bet you are coming across as self-assured and acting like someone who knows where he is going in life!

  • Congratulations on your new job !. Starting a new job is nearly always a bit stressfull , so kitting yourself out in a new, flattering suit will certainly make you feel "the business" . Let's see a photo when you get it 😊

  • Fantastic news John, I'm delighted for you! :)

    I'm with elliebath and would love to see a pic of you, in your smart, new, smaller suit :)

    Wishing you all the best for monday :)

  • Ha ha, thanks.

    Well, i must admit I looked pretty good when I dressed for interview lol, (funny mirrors in my house:-) ) I will try and get Ann to take a picture, bit like first day at school though :-)

  • Congratulations on your new job! Well done you. Does corporate mean shirt and tie and jazzy socks!?

  • Or golf attire :-D ?

  • Golf attire would be good, I could do that and be like "all the gear and no idea" :-)

  • I suppose it could, not into jazzy socks though! Looking at the staff there I think it is formal business attire bordering on power dressing! :-)

  • Black suit and shades a la Men in Black?

    Or is he joining MI5 or the SAS and he can't tell us because he'd have to kill us if he did???? How exciting

  • Now that would be good :-)

  • Congrats on the job John.


  • Hi John and congratulations on your new job. How exciting 😀 my hubbie has a few cheaper suits from tescos which are quite good quality and may be OK for a while until you get down to your 14st target. Might be worth a look.🕴

  • OK, thanks, I will take a look at them then, I scoured the charity shops in town yesterday but there were not many suits, just the jackets? I think I will be OK for week one, wearing the same suit and 2 shirts :-) ( I will wash the shirts, promise) Only 4 days for my first week too as OH is in for cataract operation on Friday.

  • Woop! New job! I got a new job while I was on my weight loss journey too, and faced the same dilemma. I actually found some smart long sleeve tshirts in Primark, bought a few black a-line skirts on ebay, and bought new tights and 3 smart cardigans from uniqlo to match the long sleeve tops. So maybe there's 3 affordable places to look - Primark, uniqlo and ebay. Uniqlo definitely do affordable suits, and also some charity shops may have good suits/shirts too. Since losing more weight, the skirts just sit slightly lower now, the tops are a bit loose, but the cardigans and tights are fine so I didn't waste my money there.

    Have fun being creative with your packed lunches too. Start as you mean to go on :)

  • I think Ann will be looking for me next week, another excuse to go around the shops!

  • Congratulations! What lovely news on all fronts :-) Good luck with the new job and enjoy your shopping and walking :-D

  • Well done, John, and good luck on Monday - it's a daunting prospect starting somewhere new, even the most assured person has a few butterflies. I hope it goes well for you, buddy.

    And you have the memory of Payet's wonder goal last night to keep you smiling!

    >< COYI ><

  • congratulations on al aspects ! Enjoy buying those smaller new clothes!

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