Over thinking and stressed out!

Morning everyone. Couldn't sleep last night for feeling confused and frustrated about losing weight. There is just so much information out there regarding what we should and shouldn't eat ( mostly that carbohydrates are the devils food) and I am feeling lost. In the wee hours of this morning I almost ordered a months supply of meal replacements! Crazy!

Need to stop seeing this as a race to body perfection, because all my efforts to speed weight loss up (severe cal and carb restriction) ultimately results in a food binge and self loathing.

Just going to keep it simple from now on and log calories and nothing else.


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  • That's exactly what I am going to be doing. Logging all my calories and still having carbs but not going overboard on them! Wholemeal toast with poached eggs and mushrooms for lunch then possibly jacket potato with a healthy filling and salad tonight. I find it difficult to completely cut out a food group then end up going off track because I end up hungry and over eating out of frustration. Good luck!

  • You're right corina-b. We don't need to cut out carbohydrates altogether; we should aim to put back what we use from our glycogen stores. For most people between 100g and 150g per day of carbohydrate is adequate. The quality is important too; low Gi foods slow down the rate of absorption into the bloodstream as glucose glycemicindex.com . High glycaemic foods mess with our hormones (not good for health) and trigger hunger again.

  • Hi Cuppa, the positive thing of this diet is that you choose what to eat. It's a calorie counter programme, so read the food label, look aT the energy content of your food AND stop eating when you get 1400 kcal. Veg contains very few calories, fruits a bit more and carbs are not evil, they are energetic and you need them to full your stomach and get energy. The secret is buying a scale, cooking your meal yourself, avoiding junk food and work out on a regular basis. you'll see the difference in one month time.

  • Great advice :)

  • HI Cuppa32. Sorry to hear you had a stressful night. I have done quite a bit of research on weight loss and it is all very confusing. I have decided that whatever I do has to be something that I can change and live with for the rest of my life. So never eating carbs is just not going to happen. I have taken bits of information from my research and am trying to eat low carb especially in the evening. I am aiming to keep within my calorie allowance and eat lots of fresh vegetables for my health. I have increased my protein intake to give me energy and keep me feeling fuller for longer. Other than that I eat the same meals as the other members of my household, I just weigh out my portion. This way I hope that when I have got to my goal I will be retrained enough to be able to continue to eat the same as everyone else but I will be able to control the portions and keep the weight off. That's the theory anyway! I think the old saying "everything in moderation" is the best way to go. If you deny yourself all the foods you like then you will be miserable and not be successful. It's not a race but a long steady change to your life which will hopefully result in your weightloss. Sorry rambling on but hope that helps you. Best of luck :)

  • Excellent reply 😊

  • Thanks for the support everyone! I think in the weight loss industry it's just information overload and a lot of it conflicts with each other. But need to remind myself that most of these companies are more interested in profit than actually helping people. Their advertising always lures me in!

    But anyway, had a wee sleep and feeling much more positive. Back to following the sensible calorie limit advised by the nhs and not getting too bogged down with the details.

  • Hi Cuppa32,

    So glad to hear you had a bit of a sleep and that you're feeling a bit better. You've already had some great responses here, and I just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy the weekend. Do have a read of our Welcome Newbie thread, if you fancy reading some inspirational posts by members here - and do join in with anything you like the sound of in the forum.

    Eating a healthy balanced diet is definitely much better than restricting or depriving yourself, and I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good luck! Sure you will do brilliant. Concentrate on one plan.Like you said......they all conflict each other! Not sure who mentioned it previously on this post but I totally agree with the 'everything in moderation' comment.

  • Definitely think they just interested in their profit. I don't doubt that you would lose weight if you drank those shake things or had the meals delivered to your house (can't remember the name) but once you stopped doing that then that is when the problems would begin as you would not be 'trained' to eat sensibly and healthily. Glad you had a nap and feel more positive. Hope you have time to look at the Newbie thread as per Lowcal's (Administrator) reply. (She is great for information and advice). Maybe join in on the Monday weigh in. I find it great to report how I have got on and read how other people have done during the week. Have a great weekend :)

  • Hi Cuppa,

    You are doing the right thing I too have been on diets in the past and have been so restrictive in my rush to get the pounds of that I have broken my diets within a few weeks.

    I am aim for 1,200 calories a day as the NHS don't recommend going any lower than that. I also have a 'cheat day' one day per week in which I eat as much as I want and whatever I want but then return back to my 1,200 calories the next day. This really does work as I find I still lose 2-3 pounds a week on this diet including exercise.

  • It IS all so confusing, makes me quite cross that the goalposts seem to change with increasing regularity - butter is good for you now, who'd have thought it! ;-)

    I actually did buy the meal replacement shakes the week before last, I'd done it before and lost a little, put it all back on and more of course. Anyway, it is slow and sure and calorie counting that gives the only long term result so I'm with you on that.

    Hope its going well for you this week, Cuppa.

    Best wishes, Vicky

    PS I sent back the shakes for a refund after the moment of madness had passed!!

  • Thank you! Actually quite enjoying my calorie counting this week. Weigh day on Friday for me. Good luck to you to x

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