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Hi guys only my second post i joined 1st June, so 10 days on. After 5 days it was my daughters birthday and that weekend i over indulged but i'm happy with my discipline.

At first i was allowing myself no treats but now i will now and again, i have not had alcohol for 18 days which is obviously good for my goals of losing weight.

I intend to go the rest of June alcohole free at least.

So i weighed in at 15st 10 and today i am 15st 8, i am pleased with that slowly but surely, i know your weight fluctuates by a few llbs so if yours has goneup a couple of llb don't worry keep at it.

If i can do it you can and believe me i'm theworlds worst for cakes and biscuits, sweets etc, but enough is enough to be able to enjoy those things i need to lose a lot more weight, thank you everyone for your support and good luck in your own goals.


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Hi Ed,

You do right to indulge at your daughters party if you can't enjoy social occasions then the weight loss wouldn't be worth it so don't feel guilty about that. The key is just moderation. You have been dieting 10 days and have only treated yourself once and that is why you've done really well and lost 2 pounds.

Just keep doing what you are doing :-)


HI Ed,

You're doing really well, that's a great start. It's good that you coped ok with your Daughter's celebrations too.

Hope your weekend is going well.

Lowcal :-)


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