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Nordic walk - third gear

Glorious sunshine and week 3 was all about 3rd gear. Warm up, run through 1st and 2nd gear then instructions on 3rd gear. this required placing the paw (the padded bit on the end of the stick), in a different place, not as high, not to far back and...... oh dear ...... pick up the pace.

I sweated, puffed and picked up the pace, not quite getting the paws to fix on the ground (subsequently abandoned) and sort of managed to move throgough the gears, feeling a bit faster in 3rd gear than 2nd, a bit more 'propelled' by the new improved technique. All fine until I think about moving up to 4th gear next week - how the heck am I going to roll my feet, use the sticks, plant the paws and go faster!!!

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Sounds a bit like ski-ing without the skis! It must have been a useful exercise session. Do you practise between your training classes?


Not really, should do but hard without the sticks and doing some walking (spend to much time at PC or in car!)


Sounds much more complicated than I had expected - I thought it was just walking with sticks! Sounds like you're doing great. Good luck for next week!


Last week next week - then I get some sort of pass and can join groups and walks.


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