Hi I am new here, so don't know how it works yet.

I am starting my first day, at 10st. according to the charts I am obese and need to lose 2st1lb. Never thought of myself as obese, still don't really. my weight is all round my middle and this is not good apparently. So here goes, started off ok. my worst times are after 6pm, when I start cupboard hunting. if I can get passed tonight I am on my way to losing.


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  • Well you certainly don't look 'obese' is that from the BMI calculator? If evening snacking is a problem make sure you have some low calorie healthy options at the ready, or make sure you have a more filling nutritious meal at tea time to stop the cravings. You'll find loads of information, ideas and support on here. Good luck!

  • Yes it was the BMI calculator.

  • Hi nannynormal 😃 and welcome to this very friendly forum. You will get a more formal welcome soon (I hope) with lots of info. This is definitely the forum to come to for advice, support and motivation. If you haven't already I would recommend you look at the nhs12wk plan as it's a good platform to make excellent changes for life. It's full of hints and tips to get you losing weight healthily. My problem are was my tummy to but I have lost inches off mine since starting 15wks ago and lost over 1 1/2 stone. Evening snacking was also my down full (and portion control) but I made sure I have healthy snacks that I will enjoy and hide all the kids choc sweets etc. You also have to think to yourself .... if I have this unhealthy snack I am undoing all that good!!! Willpower is needed 😃 if I can do it so can you!!! I try to have a really good dinner that fills me up so I limit the urge to snack. Good luck with everything. Get involved and join in with some challenges. Claire x

  • Hi Nannynormal. I had the same problem as you. After 6pm I'd be looking for something to munch even although I'd eaten dinner an hour or sop ago. It was either coffee and biscuits or a chocolate bar or crisps or something unhealthy. Since I started this plan I have made the decision to eat a bit later. So I'm now eating dinner around 6 - 6.30 whereas before I was eating around 4 - 4.45. I will just eat my main course at 6 then if hunger strikes later I will chop up some fresh fruit salad or have a yogurt. It's been working and I have avoided all those sweet or savoury snacks that I had previously craved.

  • Good idea I will try it. I am not even hungry just fanciful

  • Hi Nannynormal, You don't look obese to me, not unless you are shorter than 5 foot, then you might be on the chart as being obese. I think these charts want throwing away. Your stomach doesn't look big. If you saw mine then you would say when is the baby due. I have had scans on mine but everything came back normal. My problem is I have a fatty liver, so that might cause some of it. I am also like you in the way you snack after 6pm. You have started at the correct time of year trying to do something. During this lovely weather, don't hog the fridge. Go out for a walk or do the garden so you are away from temptation. The further from the fridge you are the better. Also try eating good and bad if you must snack. Start with a carrot before you reach for a cake. It will give you a chance to think about whether you really do need the cake. Also set a time when you can snack and reward yourself then. Make it later each evening. Good luck.

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