Couch to 5k? Anyone done this?


Have been recommended the couch to 5k by a number of people and have used it a couple of times over the last couple of weeks,.

Just curious as to whether anyone has done this, completed it or is in the middle of it and if they can see any difference and if it is helping towards weight loss? Just i am going away for the weekend in 12 weeks time and want to lose around a stone in weight hopefully or something close to that, and just wondering whether this app will be a good app to use and if it will actually work



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  • Yes, I've completed the programme and I'm still running (now 5 times a week).

    You will lose some weight but you definitely need to continue watching what you eat. The difficultly is that the more you run, the more you want to eat!

    You'll probably add muscle to begin with so the weight loss is a bit slow but you will see changes to you body shape almost immediately.

    The real benefits come when you've completed the programme and you can run for longer than the 30 mins.

    It's hard work but definitely worth it.

  • By changes to my body shape what exactly do you mean? I dont mind gaining some muscle as long as i start to look a bit leaner after a while. Dont want to start it if it isnt going to make much difference and im not going to lose weight.

    I am starting to watch what i eat and cut down dramatically on the junk food i eat. so hopefully this helps too.


  • When you build muscle you lose volume.

    Muscle is heavier than fat but fat takes up more room. Therefore you may not lose weight but your shape will change

  • I've done it and loved it. Still running 3-4 times a week. To be honest it hasn't helped much with weight loss, but it has helped maintain my 3 stone loss and my quality of life has improved vastly. You need to continue counting calories (or whatever you're doing) and it will help a bit, but you can't use it primarily for weight loss. I would still recommend it, it turns fat into muscle, is a great mood improver and general fitness is so much better. Clothes get looser, although you don't necessarily see it on the scales. And people notice. So go for it!

  • Hmm, little off putting. I am cutting back and controlling my diet but wanted some sort of excercise to go along side it to help as well. If its not going to help with weight loss much then think I will give it a miss as I was wanting to slim down. Thanks :)

  • You will slim down in all the right places!

  • You will slim down.

  • Hi Beth,

    A few of the Weight Loss NHS community members are currently doing the Couch to 5k, and here's a link to the thread, if you want to see it:

    That thread is organised by gareth0073 who is doing a great job of motivating us. We're enjoying it so far.

    There's also a larger community called Couch to 5k, so do check that out too, if you want to see what they're up to - there are lots of them running and enjoying it.

    Good luck!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi I have a group doing the coach to 5 k running now we are on a second week but fell free to join in from the start I write most morning and there's lot of support and help from everyone on there Gareth

  • I've been doing C25K for 5 weeks, now on week 6 and although my weight loss is slow, it is going, however, since running so many people have commented on my weight loss.... I agree with others, it tones and moves the weight in the right places, only this morning my partner commented that my bottom is shrinking!😄

    I definitely feel my clothes are more confortable and they are hanging better, yes I still get disappointed that the scales aren't reflecting this, but I feel so much better both physically and psychologically I would really recommend it. I also do Zumba once a week and walk to and from work most days......

    You do have to be careful as #keep_on_going says that you don't eat more, as you do tend to feel hungry.... But I am just trying to keep to a healthy diet!

    Good luck!😄

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