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Not eating enough... unless it's sugar


Hi I have been a lurker on this site for a few months, I'm 59 weigh 10st 9lb and am five foot nothing. My problem seems to be different from most people in that I don't eat enough. I sometimes have breakfast which will be either a bowl of porridge or slice of hm toast , another slice of toast or nothing for lunch then for dinner will have for example hm spag bol which is healthy made (no fat, plenty of veg) but will eat approx a tablespoon only, I actually measured it out tonight and that is honestly all I eat, on the other hand I will happly eat chocolate or other types of sweet stuff all day, my Sister brought me a 1kg bar of chocolate for my Birthday and I ate nothing but that for 2 days until it was gone.

I know about eating 5 a day and how to cook healthy meals but I just cannot eat what I cook.

I've downloaded the 12 week plan., but I am at my wits end trying to lose weight and have more energy but just cannot eat any more. Can someone please please help me? Thank you for letting me rant x

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How about exercise? Doing something like running/cycling might help you develop more of an appetite, a real appetite rather than a sugar craving type appetite. Something like cycling/doing couch to 5k/or whatever catches your fancy?


Eating healthily is about balance and having enough protein and vegetables as well as carbohydrates (such as sugar) if you have a small appetite then simple tweaks or small changes will soon have the extra pounds falling away 😊 Good luck

I used to eat also like you only jellies crisps and all day and no healthy eating until I had no choice due to health issues and now I try very hard to eat healthy. You will feel better if you eat healthier. You will have much more energy. Also I totally agree with Ruth_canal_runner regarding exercise as that builds eating healthy.

You will eat healthy!

Let us know how you are getting on! Good luck!

Hi Bobbyvee,

I really feel for you as people underestimate how difficult it is for people who have issues with food whether it is overeating or undereating.

Perhaps ease yourself in and prepare a nice healthy meal but just fill a tiny bowl up and aim each day to eat a little bit more than the previous day at each meal (even if it is just an extra spoonful).

You should find that gradually your appetite will start to improve.

I'll second what Ruth_Canal_Runner has said. I always either do 30 minutes on the exercise bike or a 30 minute walk before dinner each evening and i'm always ravenous afterwards and ready for my meal. Give it a try and see if it helps.

Good luck :-)


I was a full on chocoholic (I still love it by the way), but after not eating it for over a week, the cravings really died down and I can control my consumption.

Can you buy in fruit, treat yourself to nice stuff so that you'll enjoy it. If you struggle with cooking veg, this is a good way to get some of your 5 a day and it's my preferred method.

Also, lovely long days, can you go for nice walks, maybe go with someone else and you can have a good chatter while you are out.

I hope you find something that works for you soon.

If you struggle to eat meals don't. But, instead of picking on chocolate (empty your home of it) spend your day picking on healthy foods. Fruit, vegetable sticks, chicken, hard boiled eggs, crab sticks, nuts, raisins, dried apricots, pruned. Keep a supply of nibbles in your fridge and use them.

Keep a food diary and write down what you eat, when and how you were feeling at the time.

I can appreciate how difficult this is for you but unfortunately you are the only one who can make these changes. We can give you ideas but we can't do it for you.


Let's look at one thing at a time. Most chocolate is over 500 kcal per 100g, so when you ate the chocolate bar you had over 5000 kcal in two days with little of the vitamins you actually need.

I often eat double cream for the mouth-feel without the sugar.


I have a friend similar to you, same age but she is taller and is 3st overweight. She has a desk job , comes home, falls asleep on the sofa . She never eats a healthy meal , just grazes on crisps , chocolate, wine .... Her family have tried allsorts to get her to eat better, her husband is a good cook, in fact the only cook. The kids are very slim. I wish I could get her to join this site, have tried but been dismissed.


to do anything successfully you've got to want to and you've made the first step by posting on here so you obviously want to change your eating habits. There are some great suggestions above and I agree that if you can't face a plate full of food make sure you graze on healthy stuff. Keep a food diary, it will get you interested in food and will be a great help to look back and see what you enjoyed, how you felt and what is working for you. good luck!

You must change your habit web. Start with exercise, or read a book instead of watching tv. If you link drinking with food, e.g. tea with a biscuit change your drink. Little things like that may sound silly but they work and bad habit will get broken replace over and over again. Good luck.


Thank you all so much for your help. It's amazing how dumb I've been. When it's pointed out to me that I need to exercise to improve my appetite it sounds so obvious but I just wasn't getting it. Also about not trying to eat big meals but to graze is a brilliant idea, thank you. I walked down town and back this morning, my phone app said I'd done 5116 steps and while I don't think that is 100% accurate it does give me a ballpark figure to start with,

I am going to start my healthy journey by taking a walk outside every day from now on , and will look online to find some healthy snacks. I'll keep a food diary too and see how i get on for a week. Does that sound doable to you? Thank you all once again for your help x

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That sounds spot on :)

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Hi Bobby - how about joining a fun exercise challenge? All you need to count your steps for the week and record them on the thread every week. Its a supportive challenge and not competitive at all. Just helping everyone get fitter at their own pace.

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