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Support needed issue with my eating habits


I think I have some issues surrounding food, especially to do with low self esteem and my mood impacting on my eating habits. Losing weight is on my mind constantly, I go to sleep obsessing over it... And then I essentially binge eat, and the cycle repeats. My self esteem is becoming a problem.

I'm 18 and almost 13 stone (it's exam season currently, I've gained 2 stone in the last few months, with the stress of exams making it worse I think).

Anyway, does anybody have any advice for dealing with emotional issues around food? I think dealing with them would help me lose the weight and feel comfortable with eating normally.

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Exams are such a stressful time. I have a son of 18 who has just finished his. He was so stressed with them. I too have low self esteem. I suffered from depression and have had some really low points in my life. I weigh 30 stone so even going outside was/is a challenge. People can be so rude. I get laughing, I get pointing, I get abuse shouted at me in the street. In the past this upset me but now I know that I have my life in control. I am eating well, I am exercising and I am mentally in a much happier place as a result. Food is no longer my comfort blanket. I am doing this for me and as selfish as this sounds I have no reason to care what others think. I may not like what I see in the mirror, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. I joined a slimming club and that helped a lot. Everyone was there for the same reason and nobody judged me. I joined this forum. What a breath of fresh air. If you need inspiration, if you need motivation then look no further. Speak to your doctor. They will be able to point you in the right direction for face to face support. Small changes to your life will make such a big difference. I wish you well. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you are getting on.

kantara71 in reply to Kenny25

Great post Kenny, very motivating and good luck with your own quest! :-) John

June1965Restart Feb 2020

Ok- eat clean,walk daily,when you feel stressed!!!!! WALK AWAY.........👍👍👍👍👍

Dig deep, be strong,lean on us 👍

Sazzie2020 February

Don't beat yourself up is the first step xx I get what you mean as I am also taking exams. Try having veggie sticks available to munch on while studying. As for dealing with emotional eating habits the only way is to talk and open up about it it's more common than you think xx

I suffer with emotional eating and keeping food and drink to myself until I started talking to my hubby about it. It turns out I was still working on childhood lifestyle of not having anything due to being very very poor and having three siblings that would take your food if you didn't finish as fast as they did!! It was really affecting my relationship with my son and my husband but we are now getting better together xx

Itsbab4 stone

Hi exam stress is awful one of my daughters could'nt sleep and bit her nails down till they bled. If you feel stress coming on as june1975 said walk away, do something you enjoy, don't reach for the comfort food, music is a great lifter/soother take time out, dance a little in the comfort of your own room the music can lift you the exercise will help with the weight loss, drink some water keep yourself hydrated. I always used to 'treat myself' when I felt low/depressed which was quite often and can still be but now I know those fatty, sugary foods weren't helping me just the opposite I was hurting myself cause then I would hate myself for what I had done and feel like a failure. Now I switch to something healthy, a glass of water or an activity I enjoy in my case craft work. I know it is an old cliche but if you don' t know it now you never will, take time out, treat yourself to healthy food/drink alternative and chill a little you will pick up more information when your head is clear than sitting and stressing over it. Good luck with your exams and the weight loss that's what we are all on here for, your young enjoy it, can I be 18 again PLEASE!!!!!


Have a look at this em and see if it helps :)

that was a really interesting perspective! thanks so much for sharing that :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to keepmovingforward_em

My pleasure em, I hope it helped :)

Tomorrow morning say today is the day, no more excuses and don't make anymore, we all have got so many reasons and excuses not to be who we want to be, there are none, love yourself and go for it, good luck my friend

thank you so much for the support :D

thank you everyone, I didn't expect all of that feedback and REALLY appreciate the support :)!

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