Good Luck

Just completed first week of 12 week plan, & I've shed 5lbs. This is the second time I've followed the 12 week weight loss plan so I know it works, although my starting point this time is at a much lower weight than previously, I also realise it's highly unlikely next weeks weight loss will be anything like this week.

For those of you who have only recently started this plan or just starting I would like to say good luck to you all, stick with it even if you don't lose as much or as quickly as you would like, it works you will succeed just stay with the plan.

Happy days!


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19 Replies

  • Wow! Fantastic! You loss 5 lbs. You are a star plus to you stuck to the plan. Very well done! I am just so jealous as I am having a very hard time now with eating. The truth is I am in the process of sorting myself out! I just have to wait very patiently!

  • Nothing to be jealous of Bakersdozen, everything comes to those who wait, and previously I've had difficult days when I over ate and I've had weeks when I didn't lose any weight despite sticking to plan. You will get there, don't set yourself any unrealistic targets, keep it manageable. Good luck.

  • Yes I do remember when you were struggling. I guess we all have our times! I just have to keep sticking to plan and if I jump off the wagon just get right back on it!

  • Hi Jenever,

    I have just started the 12 week plan today and to hear that you have done so well in your first week gives me that first weigh in to look forward to.

    Yes you may not lose as much next week but remember a loss is a loss just keep doing what you are doing :-)

  • Thank you Esull, good luck to you.

  • Well done Jenever, you're right back in the driving seat! I bet you feel great, especially as in one week you're half way back to where you were! Fantastic! :)

    Keep up the great work, I can't wait to hear how you get on in week 2 :)

  • Thanks Moreless, yep 5 of the 10lbs gone and already feeling much more comfortable.

  • It's amazing what can be done with a bit of re-focusing :)

  • You're right in what you say but I needed to take a big step back. Previously, although I knew exactly what I needed to do I simply didn't have the enthusiasm to put it into practice but something just clicked a week or so ago and here I am, and to be honest I found the last week enjoyable with no difficult days, long may it continue because although I only have 5lbs to go before being back where I was, I'm re-setting my target and aim to shed a further stone. All the best Moreless.

  • I wish you nothing but success Jenever, I'm sure you'll reach your target :)

  • Yes Jenever one has to find the right click and you have found it! Well done! Fantastic! I wish you tons of success!

  • ok - jenever - salute to you....:-)

  • Thanks Suzybenj.

  • Well done, it does work indeed in my experience, when you stick to it!

  • Hi Jenever,

    So happy to hear you are back on track, fab result 😃


  • Thank you Flossie, relieved to be back in control.

  • Hi jenever 😀 I'm really glad you've had a really positive 1st wk back on plan. It was a very motivating post to all the newbies. Good luck with week2. Claire x

  • Thanks Claire,

    wishing you a good week.

  • And you 🌞

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