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Decided NOT to fast/Ramdaan/Vitamins

So guys I decided not to fast, and I actually don't feel bad about it because I am not religious at all, in anyway even though my family are Muslims. I did feel that if I didn't fast I would feel left out, but I guess I am doing what is best for me.

How are those doing who are fasting? :)

Today is a rest day from completing my first week of C25K. I will be starting W2 tomorrow. I cannot wait. I actually feel stronger each time...

Moving on, I have stuck to taking vitamins, and now that has become a habit which I am so glad about. Curious to know what you guys take?

I take:

-Codliver oil capsules

-Multivitamins + Iron

-Primrose Oil + B6

-Maca Root Capsules

I did take Biotin for a LONG time but now I have stopped because my hair was growing so fast. (Asian girls with thick hair will understand the struggle)

Another habit I have is drinking warm lemon water every night before bed. It gives me that glowy skin :)

Wishing you all nothing but love, support and luck. :) xxx

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I don't blame you. I struggle to much with cutting down never mind fasting.

If you are not very religious then you have done the right thing and I am sure you won't feel left out.

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I'm glad you were able to make your decision!

I have a few vits that I take, but none of them on a regular basis (mostly due to disorganisation :) )...

feroglobin (for iron)

berocca/tesco cheap version (for all the B vits etc)

High 5 zeros (for minerals/electrolytes after exercise)

and recent addition Engevita nutritional yeast (protein + B vits)

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Good you made a decision on your own terms! I take a multi-vitamin, probiotic and turmeric supplement for aches and pains and superfoods when I have a smoothie. Your biotin sounds interesting...I'd like my hair to grow faster 😀


Hi Aasma-Halima 😀 so happy that you came to a decision about Ramadan and your happy with your choice.

I used to take a multi vitamin but found i felt no better than when not taking them.

Not sure if you saw it but there was a very informative TV programme on the other night on BBC 'truth about healthy eating'?!?! (I think) and they talked about various issues including vitamins. In which scientists did tests and found no benefits from taking them. Not sure if correct but may be worth a watch as it was a very informative programme.

Good luck. Claire x

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