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I'm new here, please can I ask a question re. net calories?

Hi, I have just joined and I was wondering if some more experienced members could tell me please; I use MyFitnessPal (have done for a long time) to track my calories and exercise, so I get a net calorie total which is calories eaten minus calories burned through exercise. As the NHS weekly chart doesn't remove calories burned via exercise, should I enter my net calories from MyFitnessPal into the total calories box on the chart? As if it's just the gross calories, you could potentially be burning a lot of calories via exercise, but the NHS chart wouldn't reflect this.

Would love to know what others do! Many thanks :)

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I think it is about personal choice, many choose not to eat back their exercise calories for a speedier loss, also because the it is only an estimate 😕

I allow myself a few extra calories because I get hungrier but exercise some caution 😊

Good luck

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