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Strange conversations

Sat eating my tea husband says "check that app thingy see how much fruit and veg you eat in a day". Me "Why" husband "just look".

Now my husband not a big fan of fruit or veg, while I'am the total opposite.


10g. Dried cranberries

10g. Sultanas

20g. Blueberries





Today veg

Steamed broc. 30g

Steamed carrots 51g

Steamed sweetcorn 51g

Dry roast these

Courgette 9g

Onion 24g

Toms 34

New potatoes charlotte 91g

Mixed lettace 25g

Yesterday was similar but had mushrooms, peas and beansprouts (no spuds)

Wondering if this is normal? Think I eat enough for the NHS guidelines haha

Good luck


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I'm just intrigued by the 9g of courgette! What did you do with 9g of courgette? I just had a whole courgette for dinner! 😂

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Cut it up and mixed it with the rest of veg, only had a bit left and did not want to cut into another one.

I was eating raw broc yesterday daughter thought disgusting, have you tried roasting broc?

There is very few veg or fruit I don't like, but it is always eat veg first, meat second and if still hungry the spuds. The way I was brought up. Bread was only for sandwiches not for main meals.



Agree about the bread!

I couldn't eat broccoli raw, I know people who eat raw mushrooms - the thought of the texture and flavour... :(

You can roast broccoli, I'm sure. I tend to just blanch mine.

I roasted asparagus the other day, turned out quite nice, had it alongside my steak :)

But I think I like most veg roasted - parsnips, aubergines, courgettes, peppers... :)

So I don't see what would be wrong with eating a lot of veg! Rather that than sweets, right?

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