I am a newbie and looking for exercise advice

Hello everyone, I've just decided to start the NHS weight loss 12 weeks plan today but haven't been able to find much advice on NHS website about what kind of exercises are good for weight loss or could fit in this plan. So would love to hear what others think or suggest! I'd like to avoid running if possible and I do have access to local gym including various classes...


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  • For me it has become me and the dog brisk walking with some hilly bits. It really gets my heart working and I come back knowing I've had a work out but low impact. I like the convenience, 1 minute to put the trainers on and out the door, no going back, no faffing with preparing gym kit or driving anywhere all of which to me seems time lost. I appreciate for others going to the gym is a key part of their progamme and the range of machines and weights make for plenty of choice.

    I've also started doing some weights at home and press ups and crunches to try to tone up. One of my walks has 5 park benches so I try and do 20 x not quite a full pressup at each one. If there was a half decent swimming pool close to me I'd try to fit in a swim or two on the way to or back from work. Good luck with the plan and take the exercise easy early days as we don't want an injury forced lay off :-)

  • Hi Mollyminniemow,

    Have you seen this page in the NHS Choices website:


    Maybe look at links from there, and see what kinds of things you might enjoy or want to try.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi again,

    I know you didn't specifically ask about it, but I'd also like to give you a link to our Monday group weigh-in thread, incase you might be interested in joining us for a weekly weigh-in:


    Also, there is a really useful Welcome Newbie thread in the Pinned posts area, which moreless has put together, and that would be worth a read too.

    Welcome to the forum, and I really hope you enjoy being part of it, and that you'll join in with anything that takes your interest.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi mollieminniemow 😀 walking is a fantastic overall exercise that you can fit in anywhere. Go up the stairs instead of lifts/escalators. Get off at a bus stop earlier...it all helps. As you've got access to a gym I would fully use this and try out some different classes and stick with one or more that you enjoy. Dvds are also a good idea if you like the convenience of working out at home. Any exercise fits into the nhs plan as long as your moving you are burning calories!!!! Join in with the new km's challenge (posted by fizzyliz) buy a pedometer, fit bit or use an app on your phone to log steps and km's and post them weekly. This really motivates me to go further and it's a bit of fun. Good luck. Claire x

  • hey thank you all so much for the useful tips and links! Pity I cannot walk or run with my cat :) It's good to have this community to turn to and get inspiration from!

  • Why not I've seen weirder things and you can buy cat collars and leads 🐈🐺 would love a pic if your moggie approves 😀

  • Hi Mollyminnie,

    I have started to use an exercise bike for 30 mins 3 times per week and do a 30 minute walk with the dog every day, I also wear a Fitbit to ensure I get to 10,000 steps per day and these have all worked really well for me in the past.

    Combining the above with healthy eating I was losing 3 pounds per week :-)

    Today is day 1 for me on the 12 week plan and I'm hoping I do as well with my diet this time as I am really impatient when i comes to losing weight (it always feels like it goes on soooo much faster than it comes off :-(.

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