Monday pledge

After three weeks attempting maintenance I have gained almost 2kg πŸ˜• The tougher I try to be the more I succumb to late night eating πŸ˜• So ENOUGH!! Back on track TODAY

Hubby and I go away for a long weekend so I have four days to get back on track - three healthy meals each day, no added sugar, drink enough water and keep up the exercise - hopefully this will help me through the weekend 😊

Good luck everyone 😊


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17 Replies

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  • Good luck you can do that πŸ‘

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hi Anna,

    You can do this, take it one meal at a time, have what you are allowed and try not to be too tough πŸ˜ƒ

    It's only Monday !!


  • Keep going Anna - you have worked hard to get this far, got to work out how best to plan this maintenance life style - (probably just as difficult as losing weight), but you have the know-how now!

  • Oh, Anna61,

    As I sit here with a shredded eating plan for Sunday - still working out the damage! The perils of other people's fridges! Got a couple of packs to look at with the magnifying glass.

    A bucket of empathy and sympathy. Working on this myself now. This year's plan is to get below goal by 5lbs/2kg, with goal weight being the trigger to get back to weight loss kcal. Like you, I'm on the goal achieved bungy jump! Last year I was at goal for all of a week. Probably actually a day, given that I only weigh once a week. I then put on and lost the same 10.5 lbs over and over again for more than a year and only got back to goal 3 weeks ago too. Take it from me. Drop that 2kg before it becomes 4. There was something about hitting goal that switched off the dieting urge in me. So still trying to drop that extra 4lbs as of last week. Then a programme of maintenance rather than eating whatever and wishing and hoping.

    Taking the bathroom scales on holiday with me this year! Won't get fooled again. Not even by myself.

    We CAN do it.


  • Thank you lovely kind people 😊 I am having a better day so far, 5k cycle and 2km dog walk before late healthy breakfast 😊 Feeling more in control 😊

    DartmoorDumpling I am not actually at goal yet but with holidays/visitors etc was trying to stay on track - managed my two week hols ok but went seriously off last week mostly due to alcohol- I'm not a big drinker and it seriously affects my decision making!!!

    Venusflytrap you are doing amazingly well, I am still over a stone higher than I want to be, and so afraid of losing control πŸ˜•

    flossie358 absolutly right to take it one meal at a time 😊 So far so good, just back from shopping and a very healthy looking fridge 😊

    You guys rock! Thank you 😊😊😊

  • I think you need to cut yourself some slack Anna, have a look at this

  • Thank you lovrly moreless it HAS been quite a stressful week, πŸ˜• It's just so frightening how easy it is to lose control 😞

    Fingers crossed for a better day, will weigh in next Tuesday (after our long weekend away) and join the re bout challenge 😊

  • Don't worry, we'll keep you going :)

    I think joining us in the re-boot challenge is a brilliant idea! :)

    Enjoy your weekend, life's for living, not regret! :)


    Nothing but love, support, and wishes.

  • That's my downfall too, late night supper whether I'm hungry or not. I've been going to bed early with a good book to try to avoid this.

    Together we can do this.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • Some may shout me down on this, but its just an idea that might help you.

    I'm in maintenance too (since last april 2015) and not everyone fancies 3 healthy meals a day at standard times.

    If you know you will overeat in the evening, and you cant find a better distraction !! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰, you could try intermittent fasting and adjust your eating timetable. I am not an expert, but I think it works something like this .... eat as well as you can, but do it only from 1-2 pm to 9-10pm , and fast from 9-10pm until 1-2 pm next day. There have been other posts on here somewhere about the benefits.

  • Yes, I did notice I wasn't at all hungry this morning so didn't get my first meal Until after 12, and have not eaten again yet so feel more in control 😊 It's the sudden gain that has shocked me, most likely due to alcohol, so I won't be drinking again for a while!! Tbh I'm not a big drinker but succumb to peer pressure - how stupid at my age?? (55!)

    Thank you for replying, onwards and downwards!! 😊

  • We've all succombed to pressure / persuasion to eat or drink something we didn't need, in my case I often give in so not to alienate my friends, even my partner. . I see it as being human.. But I guess the secret is to recognise it , not throw the towel in, and treat each day as a new day.

  • Thank you 😊 I'm lucky my hubby is great and very supportive ❀️ I guess I need to learn a coping strategy for these events.

  • Hi Anna,

    Yes, you can definitely do this! :-) We have every faith in you - and it's lovely that you have a long weekend with your hubby to look forward to. Good for you for setting a Monday pledge, and I'm sure it will help you keep on track and succeed.

    Wishing you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Looking at the positives I can really feel the gain physically, and I don't like it!! So that in itself has been a massive motivator, whereas previously I would have just given up today has been a very good day 😊 I'm out tonight from 7.30-9 so as long as I can get home and into bed without eating I will have cracked it 😊 One good day will hopefully lead to a good week 😊😊😊

    Thank you again lovely people ❀️

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