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Lets do this again!

Week 8 was a bit of shambles. TOM arrived and I experienced the worse cramps ever. I've kept my water intake high and that is something I've been continually doing. I've stayed oddly within calories but the types of food hasn't been great.

I am still 5.4lbs down, so despite fluctuations I am still there and haven't gone up. I have about 10lbs to get to my half way point. Overall my aim is to lose 30lbs.

I am on course, I need to focus on my eating, exercise has never been a problem, but it's just food and I am determined this week to continue developing healthy eating habits. Week 8 is a great week for that, increasing fibre etc. So I am going to redo week 8 because it wasn't such a success.

When I get to week 12 I will re do the plan for as long as I need to, till I get to my goal! It's all about learning these life habits and building the discipline to continue them.

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It's good you've managed to stay within your allowance. I know when I feel under the weather (for whatever reason) I start to reach for the "comfort" food and eat all sorts of things I know I shouldn't. As long as the trend is down, that's the important part. Good luck! :)

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You're so lucky that you enjoy exercise, to my mind that is half the battle won already. I also put on weight at 'that time' then it just goes away on its own. Not very comfortable though I might add. For me, it was always going to be a way of life, not a diet. I guess it is up and down all the way, but I've still lost which is the main thing.


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