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Day 7

Well well well survived one week starting diet doing the CT5K and joining the gym

.. Again I had bran flakes

Lunch I had chicken breast with whole meal bread and salad .

Few bits of fruit at 3

Then dinner chicken breast with salad and corn .

Overall I think this week will be the toughest .. But I got bigger challenges to come ..

CT5K week 2 ....bring it on

Maintaining diet ... Bring it on

Going to the gym every other day ... Bring it on .

Weighing is on Monday as I do it every Monday .. Started of at 19st 5 bring it on and let's smash it ..

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Love your positive attitude 😀 Good luck with weigh in on Monday. Your gonna smash it, onwards and downwards 👍 Claire x

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good luck!

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That is a great attitude Haynes.

Are you remembering to take on fluids too, water, tea, coffee, fruit and herbal teas - got to keep well hydrated if you are working out in the summer months.

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I do drink a lot of water .. And some pure fruit drinks to keep up sugar levels.


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