Yippee! Back on board!

Yippee! Back on board!

I've had horses my entire life and always ridden 4-5 days a week from being very young. It was probably one of the things keeping me trim and fit!

When my dad got diagnosed with terminal cancer and my weight went up to 19 stone, it worked out that, plus tack, I was more than 20% of her body weight and I felt it was unfair to carry on riding her unless I lost some weight.

I never lost the weight and 3 years later I found myself at my heaviest at 20st 10lbs. In the last 3 years I'd probably say on her and had a plod round about 3 times. I swore I wouldn't ride again until I was under 19 stone.

I'm not quite under 19 stone (but almost there!!!) but the evening was just so lovely and Calli (horsey) has just had the all clear to be ridden again after being in and out the vets for a few months after being diagnosed with arthritis.

We are very lucky to have this on our doorstep so just went for a quick 15 minute plod round the track.

I've just come home for a rest, then off out to do my last run of week 1 - which will hopefully sway the scales under 19 ;)

Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend


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7 Replies

  • Hey Primelle...

    It's great to see you smiling and your Calli's ears pricked! I'll bet she has been missing her trips out to see the lovely world out there. Now you have the best incentive to keep those portions small and calories under control. Hopefully you can both build your fitness together! Oh to have a canter up that grassy track....

  • Well done primelle 😀 looks like your both having great fun !! 🐎 what a beautiful place to have on your doorstep. Beautiful 😃 hope you enjoyed your run too. Claire x

  • Wow! What beautiful pictures if that countryside is on your doorstep you are one lucky girl, Calli looks like she is really enjoying her hack, what a lovely incentive to lose more weight it can only make you and horsey happier. Keep on trotting!

  • How fab Primelle, I'm totally jealous! :)

    Going riding again is definitely on my to do list :)

    I hope you and Calli have many more lovely trips out together :)

  • Week one of c25k complete! Wahoo!

    I loved every minute of it too.

  • Yaaaaaay you! :)

  • Such a lovely uplifting post! Well done you 😊 Thank you for sharing 😊

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