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Next pledge: be sober for the rest of the year

Tomorrow is gonna be the last day of my diet. I completed the 12 week programme which seemed impossible at the beginning but it's over now. I lost 9 kg, dropped my BMI for 30 to 26.5, my wraist from 83cm to 76. I got helthier and more active and I feel confident that I will be able to keep my weight.

My body is changing, my life is changing and I think it's now time for me to make another pledge: no hangover untill the rest of the year. I realised that, most of the time, I cheated on my diet not because of food, I was drinking too much. I was very hard to be stuck to 1400 Kcal on a Fri or Sat night when out with friends.

No more than 2 pints from now on! Finger crossed

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Hi Teresina,

Many Congratulations on completing the NHS 12 week programme - that is fantastic! Wow, your stats make great reading, and it's great that you've achieved so much within that time. Really motivating.

You've made another great pledge, and good luck with that. I am sure you will do well, as you've done with your other goals.

Fingers crossed, and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Great result, well done!


Really good reading- I am so pleased for you- and a little bit envious of your progress- given me a mental kick up the backside.

I to am changing my relationship with alchol- having really cut down- I am feeling the benefits of better sleep and feeling healthier. The downside is - if I over indulge- hangover city......a good aim 'no hangover for the rest of the year' I will add that to my list of contemplations....

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Hi Ben,

good diet, I guess alcohol diet is like the food one, harsh at the beginning but we can gradually cope with it. Went out with friends yest. only 2 pints! Everything is in our mind


Well done on such great results. Your post struck a cord with me as it's usually alcohol that slows my progress down.you end up eating all the wrong things the next day. I'm going to work on this too so that alcohol doesn't get in my way


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