Seriously fallen off the wagon there!

So for Thursday I was hoping to keep my snacking at bay while driving up north, it worked alright-ish and my planned Thai dinner luckily only came with a small portion of rice. But I probably don't want to know how many calories there were in my peanut-sauce based curry! It was amazingly tasty though! 😊

Then yesterday was spent standing in a queue for most of the day, started snacking on low-calorie fruit and cereal bars but then as it so happens, where you're queuing with like minded people for a concert you wonder off... So went to a coffee shop and while managing a "skinny latte" with "no sugar syrup" I also picked up a slice of chocolate and orange cake - 500 calories! 😱

And so the vicious circle began - stopped off at a fast food outlet on the way back to the hotel for a cheeseburger and chips!

Although not having drunk a drop of alcohol - standing and then bouncing around for what seemed like hours on end and very little sleep on Thursday and Friday night made me feel "hungover" this morning.

I so far consumed a rasher of bacon, 2 hash browns, some scrambled eggs, mushrooms, ketchup, a big-ish packet of ridge-cut crisps, a cereal bar, a small bagel, an absolutely massive chocolate muffin I took from the breakfast buffet at the hotel and some blueberries!!!

This is about my weekend's calorie allowance and then some before Saturday lunchtime! 😱😱

I'm just gonna go and hang my head in shame. 😳😞


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  • :-)- all in the past -nothing to be done- move on:-)

  • My aching calves disagree! πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Foodie87,

    Don't hang your head in shame! So you had a few extras over the weekend - it's definitely not the end of the world, and as we all agreed when you were talking about your fantastic kms 'around the world and back' almost, it's a good job the world is round and not flat - you're still on it, and you're phenomenal, Foodie - just enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and have a great afternoon! (That may sound a bit cryptic to anyone who hasn't read your previous posts about kicking kms etc, so apologies if anyone's reading that and thinking it's gobbledegook - but you know what I mean, Foodie!!). :-)

    Like suzybenj says, it's in the past already!

    Hope your aching calves will recover soon - look after yourself and maybe rest your muscles for a day!? I always have a rest day, it really helps - and I think mine might be Monday - when I'm doing the weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Agreed Lowcal. I might destroy a bath bomb and soak for a few minutes. :)

    Might write the weekend off altogether and have a eat-athon for the next 30-ish hours. ;)

  • Hi Foodie87,

    The bath bomb soak sounds fantastic! Maybe just contemplate things and then decide on how you want to progress with the weekend. :-)

    Enjoy your bath. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I've got mainly heathy stuff in the house, so won't be too bad - back home now - so a bit safer than out on the road! 😊

  • Good to hear! :-)

  • sounds like you've been enjoying yourself lol! Don't beat yourself up about it, tomorrow is another day, sure you will get back on track 😊

  • Thanks Caz. Luckily certain people don't come around every day! πŸ˜‰

  • It is probably no consolation to you but your post made me laugh. I like the honesty of your 'confession' and love the list of foods consumed.

    It sounds like you had a very good time!

    In the spirit of sharing and halving the shame, I confess to enjoying half a late given Easter egg, some white chocolate buttons and a mars bar the other day. I did do a huge amount of gardening that day but I'm not sure I can even attempt to justify that it burned off that amount of chocolate. Oh how easy it is to slip off the path....

    However I am picking my self up with grit and determination.

    I am rebooting the 12 week plan from Monday (just have a little trip to Paris to get through first).

    Gave a great week ahead!

  • Thank you. Shame shared!

    Enjoy Paris!! I've last been last March (another concert!) but managed to stay on track quite well... Did a lot of walking and not so much eating, helped by the fact the hotel didn't include breakfast!

    My trip to the French countryside in September was certainly worse "diet" wise!

  • I am in a similar place after two weeks away and a week of visitors with lots of alcohol and fish and chips yesterday 😬

    But onwards and downwards, be kind to yourself, 😊 You have earned a rest day to ease your aching legs, you will soon be back on track 😊

    Best wishes 😊

  • Thanks Anna. All a lot better today. Already walks 7 miles this morning (that's nearly twice of what I did yesterday!) and so far only had breakfast - nothing naughty going on here! πŸ˜‰

    Sooooo thirsty though, think I just really dehydrated myself Thursday/Friday!

    Hope you enjoyed your fish and chips, I managed to resist that temptation so far! πŸ˜‰

  • I did really enjoy! Small fish and about 6 chips and I was full!! All washed down with glass of Proseco ! Lol 😊 But back on track today - THAT is the difference for me this time, have an odd day (or week) of indulgence but get right back to it 😊 Actually looking toward to a few days of fruit, salad and no booze! Who would have thought it? 😊 Onwards and downwards 😊

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