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New tonight

I'm new tonight - been doing other plans and getting nowhere. So had a look around to see if calorie counting was on offer and found this site. I had a Stroke nearly 6 years ago and have gained what I was losing plus more through inactivity. We've bought me a rollator (the walking frame on wheels with a seat) and a pedometer so I've no excuse now. My start weight is 17st 7lb and when I go on holiday at the beginning of September I'd like to have lost 1st 7lb.

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Hi! if you look at the bottom of the welcome letter sent to you when you signed up there in blue is the 12 steps to success click on that and you can work out your BMI that tells you how many calories to aim for. I am only just on week 3 of the NHS 12 week plan and it is brill I can highly recommend it, you download it each week or you can download all 12 weeks and read through them first, each week there is advice on new things to do/incorporate during the week and a tracking sheet to fill in. Here on the forum everyone has so much advice/experience you never feel alone . Look on the pinned posts section on the right you can join any you wish they are a bit of fun but also very motivational. Good luck on your journey with help from the forum I am sure you can make the change.


Thanks for that. I wondered about my BMI - it's good that I will know how many calories to consume as I was worried about having too many or too few.


Welcome to the forum Judyzuke,

a stone and a half in 12 weeks is definitely achievable if you follow the 12 week plan, keep a diary of everything you consume, no cheating, and if you have not done so already cut out sugar and alcohol completely. Eat only fresh foods and cut down on processed foods. Plan your meals in advance and no snacking in between meals.

As for BMI then this is not the holy grail but just a rough guideline for you to aim for. You can work out your Resting Metabolic Rate in calories and aim to be consuming 400-500 calories a day below this.

Aim for small targets along the way and you will start to see the benefits quickly.

Good luck :-) John


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