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Newbie Alert 😀

Hi there,

This is me suddenly realising how ill I'm making myself by being overweight. I've always struggled with my weight after having my daughter 24 years ago and I guess I am the typical yo-yo dieter. But now my blood pressure has gone up to 150/100 (after always being 110/70) and my joints ache dreadfully when I get tired...which is a lot of the time. I've just had lots of blood tests which came back clear (tested for thyroid, cholesterol, and diabetes), so that's a good thing but I've got to go and have some more!

I've just bought myself a cross trainer because the thought of going to an exercise class makes me shudder 😀, I know where I'm going wrong but it's just so difficult to get it right, I have the will power of a gnat and I love my food.

I've never joined a forum or anything but this time I need to make some big changes and I'm not sure I can do that on my own.


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Hello Curlytopkez

Welcome to the forum.

Your BP seems a problem, what did your GP advise you to do?

My BP was higher when I was carrying more weight so although you do not say how much weight you have put on this might be the main reason.

This forum is very friendly and helpful and you will find lots of support to help you along the way.

I think that most of us on the forum "love our food" :-) It is maybe the main reason we put on weight, but the good news is that you can still go on loving your food just shift the foods you consume to healthy choices and to make sure you keep an eye on portion control and your daily calorie intake.

Check your BMI, weigh yourself and also measure yourself. Take some "before" photos to give you motivation as you start to lose weight and join the monday weigh in with the rest of us.

I would not join any gym for the time being as weight loss starts in the kitchen so start with your newly purchased cross trainer for now.

Start the nhs 12 week plan, it really does work as you will see from others that have posted on here. You can do it and you are not on your own! :-) John


Hi John,

Thank you so much for your reply and your words of encouragement.

I've been seeing the Nurse Practitioner, she would like me to wear a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours...only problem is there's a months waiting list to use it! I think my weight definitely is a factor, was also promoted at work to job with more responsibility (please read as more stress lol) recently and because I work long hours I have resorted to ready meals...have just been reading about salt intake and its affects on blood pressure. So all in all its not a surprise!

Thanks for all your great advice I will take it on board, although I'm not keen on the before and after photos I know what a help it will be 😊. I have seen the Monday weigh in and would like to join, but do I need to do that after my first week?

I put my cross trainer together and gave it a go! The nurse had told me to start very slowly and just do ten minutes to start, I thought 'ten minutes that's not a lot'.....oh how I laugh now, it made me sweat and it was the longest ten minutes of my life lol. It also brought it home how unfit I am 😞.

I have seen the 12 week plan and I've printed off the first week.

So here goes...onwards and upwards 😊


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Good luck Kerry, obviously the nurse is worried about your BP which is why she suggested the 24 hour monitoring. This was suggested to my partner whilst we were abroad and her BP was very high but prior to this they suggested taking BP readings morning, midday and evening, we ended up buying our own BP monitor which does make things easier.

As for the photos then you do not need to show them to anyone :-) I think it just helps that when you feel you may be not losing weight as fast as you think you should then look at where you started and it gives a good boost to you. The same with your measurements. I would recommend you do this prior to Monday and join us this coming Monday, have a look at some of the posts and you will get the idea.

I laughed about you working a sweat up putting your x trainer together! No need to use it, just take it apart and put it together again each day! That is a bit like my philosophy on joining the gym, it is a 3 mile round trip to get to the gym so I would be as well off in walking to the doors of the gym, turning around and walking back home each day! Save a fortune in gym fees :-)

I can understand you reaching for the ready meals but I would suggest you make your own ready meals then you know what is going into them, I always feel hungry after eating a ready meal so end up eating too much by snacking afterwards.

Oh and the mantra on here is onwards and DOWNWARDS !! Have a great weekend, John

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Hi John,

I have a friend who has a monitor so I may just borrow hers, she said the readings she got from the doctors monitor were all over the place so she went out and bought her own.

I'll do some photos and maybe print them out and stick them somewhere where they'll catch my eye! Thanks for the advice about the Monday weigh in group, I'll take a look.

My nearest gym is a twenty minute drive away and it's very expensive so not very cost effective. I'm liking your idea of saving on the fees 😊

I know eating ready meals is rubbish, I never used to until this year, I'll just have to work hard at changing my habits, can't believe how quick it became a habit!

Loving the mantra...I may stick that up somewhere as well 😀


It sounds as though you high BP is the wake up call you need 😊 We all love our food, but the desire to be fitter and healthier is stronger 😊 Good luck!


Hi Anna,

Thank you for your reply. Yes you're right, it's made it all feel very real.

So now it's time to do something about it and make myself feel better.


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Ps I exercise on my living room, put some music on and just go for it!! Lots of stuff on YouTube and NHS website 😊 Good luck


You have done absolutely the right thing by getting yourself checked by the professionals. Also by buying a cross trainer so you can work at fitness and strength at your own pace. Whilst this lovely weather lasts you will be able to get out for a walk or other activities as often as you have time, but we all know that our weather is fickle and a back-up plan of home exercise is just great. Now that you are on this site you will find lots of good advice and kind encouragement from the forum. Welcome aboard!


Thank you for your reply. If you see my reply to John you'll see my first experience with my cross trainer! 😂.

Unfortunately where I live we have our own microclimate, we've had nothing but sea mist for a week and it's feels like winter! But like you said I can work at home and it doesn't matter about the weather.

Thank you for your welcome 😊


Well done for just starting 😊. I started yesterday and like you had never posted on a forum before but I have found the comments and advice very helpful. Good luck 🐬


Hi there,

Nice to meet a fellow newbie 😊. I guess it comes to that point of realisation that you can't always do it on your own. I hope you have every success and good luck to you too.


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