Day six and 3 rd session of CT5K

Well what a day it's been and really weird as well .

Changed my breakfast up and had bran flakes .

Now lunch time I had chicken breast with pasta and veg and a whole meal pitta .. I put veg and chicken in pitta and ate it . But felt full afterwards and wasn't keen on eating the pasta so I left it ..

Dinner chicken breast with hot sauce and side salad .

I would of had a bit more actually but was shopping .

My run 3 session today .. TBH I didn't want to do it because my legs from work was hurting . But I did and felt good about it .. Was quite used to the first stage now so bring on next week .. Joining gym tomorrow . And hopefully going swimming ..


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7 Replies

  • Well done keep it up and enjoy it all looking forward to week 2

  • Hi 😀 glad you've had a good (if a bit weird) day today. Well done on listening to your body and leaving your pasta at lunch. Pat on the back from me👍 I have just done my 2nd run. I'm not counting yesterday's with my sniffing dog !! And it went well I wasn't so out of puff but went a slightly different route with less hills so might be why 💃 good luck at the gym tomorrow and hope you enjoy your swim. Claire x

  • Claire . I dunno what your like after dinner these days but I'm really feeling it at the moment .. Because I went shopping I only had a chicken breast with side salad .. God so hungry ..

  • Have something to eat then!!! A chicken breast with salad isn't enough to feed a sparrow 😀 you've also done a run today so I would suggest you have a banana or something light to give you some energy. Nothing too sugary as it's late. R u eating your calorie allowance as it seems to me to be quite low from what you listed earlier? God, sorry, I do apologise if I sound like your mum 🙄

  • Just reread what I posted and I apologise if I came across as being rude ... I do tend to speak my mind and can be very blunt 🙄 I'm just concerned as you need to make sure you eat up to the higher limit of your calorie allowance to ensure that you are staying healthy and losing weight steadily. If you are then I'm sorry for assuming that you are not 😯 I'm digging a bigger hole aren't I......

  • don't be silly . I'm not eating all the allowance no because I like to cut back bit by bit .. I have had a banana now but I did do it in for myself today .. So hopefully tomorrow better . Don't apologise its great to hear some honest advice . Maybe yeah I did not eat as much today .. But not much I can do now .. Just have to learn from it . X

  • So worried I offended you. It was heartfelt advice and some people might have took it the wrong way. Thanks. Hope your day tomorrow is better. Its a journey after all. Take care.

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