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I've decided I need more fish in my diet; I don't eat any at the moment just because my husband doesn't like it but he will have to lump it. When I lived with my parents we had it quite often but it was always the frozen battered or breaded kind. I'm thinking of buying some simply frozen cod fillets but was wondering if I need any sauces or herbs or anything to go on the top of it. The Birdseye inspiration ones seem expensive for 2 pieces of fish and a knob of fancy butter. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. X


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  • You can make your own marinades quite easily. Just put a mixture of nice fresh herbs (dill, parsley, basil, whatever you fancy) in a mug and snip away with scissors until small enough, add salt, pepper, tiny bit of olive oil and lemon juice, then smooth the paste onto your fish to marinate until you're ready to cook it. If you want a sauce, heat the same sort of mixture up with a white sauce base (I think leave the lemon juice out though, as that might curdle it).

    Also, look up recipes for fishcakes, fish pie etc. Andyt2120 posted a great recipe a while ago which I still do, as it's really easy. Here - I found it

    Enjoy :)

  • I too don't eat enough fish so anyone with a delicious recipe please share so I can try it also if you buy from your fishmonger you can choose the piece, packets are ok and probably convenient but some are very expensive. Thanks Ruth_canal_runner that fish cake recipe sounds good.

  • I've been food shopping today and was also thinking I don't eat enough fish, mainly because I'm not that keen on it. I do like tinned tuna and salmon but not fresh, and tend to avoid battered and breaded cod so today I've bought some asda cod in butter sauce, 120 calories per portion, thought it might be nice with a few new potatoes and loads of veg.

  • I buy a KG of large diced Cod from an online butcher. It comes frozen and is £8.50. I mix a portion with 2 teaspoons of nandos peri peri sauce, a teaspoon of dark soy sauce and a teaspoon on tomato puree. Bake in a foil parcel in the oven then put it inside a wholemeal wrap or Pitta with loads of salad and baked potato or wedges cut from a baked potato sprayed with one cal oil and some Cajun spices.

  • I cook fish often - mostly salmon - just poached in the oven for 15 mins with seasoning, lemon and a knob of butter. A thick yoghurt and mint dressing goes nicely. Lovely with green beans/asparagus/ broccoli... Prawn stir fry is another easy one.... Enjoy!

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