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The truth about healthy eating

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How many of you watched last nights BBC 1 program 'The truth about healthy eating'. I have just watched it and would recommend it to everyone, particularly those who chose fad diets, detox diets, super foods and the taking of vitamin supplements.

Although much of what I knew or suspected was true there were a few eye opening results and it certainly confirmed my opinion about what I should and shouldn't be eating but with a few added snippets of knowledge. How many of you for example know that milk is better for keeping you hydrated than water

Worth a viewing

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I watched it yesterday and I agree. It was really interesting :-)

Itsbab4 stone

I watched it too and would highly recommend everyone to watch it also the part liking milk to aid off dementia ( my mum has Alzheimer's and never a big milk drinker.) Just goes to show basic natures products are best and no need to buy expensive supplements. The part that astounded me most was the antioxidants (smoothie) and how long they stay in the body.

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Annde,

I have taped this programme and am so glad to hear it's a good one! Will look forward to watching it and hope to catch the whole series. I had already heard that milk was more hydrating than water, and that is especially great that Hidden has set 'The White Stuff Mini Challenge' as the goal for this week - celebrating milk is definitely a healthy option!!! :-)

Hope you are enjoying your week, and thanks for mentioning this programme.

Lowcal :-)

VickyDLM2 stone

I watched this last night and found it to be really interesting. I always felt the same as you Annde about the fads, but it's still nice to have my suspicions validated! I do think they were quite hard on kale though. But then, I only buy it because I like it! :)

I agree about the Kale and tone honest I have never noticed it to be that expensive

I didn't know of the programme so thank you, I will go on iplayer and watch it soon. Some years ago I was chatting to someone who had just had breast cancer treatment. She seemed to think that cutting out cows milk helped prevent breast cancer. An argument she put forward was that in China they don't drink cows milk and there is a very low instance of cancer. I have no detail either way, whilst I try to drink milk in moderation - I thought I would just mention this. Do you think it is unlikely?

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Highly unlikely There is nothing that I have ever read, watched or studied to indicate that. I have studied human nutrition with the Open university and nothing within those studies or anything else indicates any such link

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It could be that Many people in the far east have a gene that prevents them absorbing dairy πŸ˜•

Like all things there have been speculation about the causes of cancer and milk, like everything else, has been included. Some theories about hormone imbalance due to milk coming from lactating cows has been speculated upon but no genuine research or proof has been produced

Thanks for the reminder Annde πŸ˜€ I watched the first 10mins then went out on my run but taped it. Very interesting about superfoods Β£36 verses alternatives that provides the same nutrition for Β£6 !!! Will watch it fully tonight. Claire x

Yes, I watched it and likewise it confirmed a lot of what I suspected, didn't know about the milk thing though, and it also illustrated how the powerful marketing campaigns hoodwink us into spending our hard earned cash on hyped up products. Isn't there a law about this sort of thing? If it is not what it claims to be then get it off the shelves! :-) John

I watched the programme today. Very interesting indeed.πŸ˜ƒ


Seems our mothers (and grandmothers) were right all along!! Good fresh vegetables and milk to drink 😊

A very interesting and insightful programme πŸ˜€ just goes to show what we are trying to achieve with following the nhs12wk plan is the way forward. Good healthy balanced diet with a broad range of food and drink is better for our bodies. Would recommend everyone watches it!!!

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