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GAHH!!! I just want a comfy bra!!!

Please please please can someone tell me where to go for a nice looking NON WIRED but PADDED bra? I've seen them - not in my size 44C, Mothercare have quite a nice range but not in my size! :_( I've been to nearly 10 websites now - I also don't want to spend a fortune, looking at £100 for 3 bras! They were nice but £100??!! Pfft!

I am at the end of my tether... :...(

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Hi! don't talk to me about bra's they are the bain of my life I have spent the past few years going up cup sizes hence the new lifestyle now. I don't care if I don't lose the belly fat JUST SOME OFF MY BOOBS! Sorry but I have had the same style from M&S for years I am so looking forward to something pretty. Sorry I can't help have you looked on Yours and Simply B?


Yeah, I really wanted something plunge ( in case I wear something with a lower neck line) but pretty. Everything is full cup, like cover it ALL up. Why? I think the bra manufacturers don't really care about plus size looking sexy and feeling pretty, thinking we all want to hide it away. The same for plus size clothing in general. Why do I have to settle for something that shows none of my skin? Just because I have more of it? Surely there are new fabrics and elastics that could make a non-wired bra just as supportive and padded as wired and clothing that really enhances curves in the right places rather than just upscaling something for the tiny ladies in order to make it fit me?!! So many clothes for plus size just look like a tent of the original, they have not taken into the fact that plus size ladies have a VERY different shape from twiggy!

Sorry for the rant I've just had to 'make do' with what I found but I will probably be disappointed when it arrives even though I am not expecting much as it is!

Also angry about photo shopped model photos - if the elastic pulls in at the top and bottom I need to know and see this - don't photoshop it so it looks flat?!! Takes the absolute mickey!

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Have you checked the Marisota site also? I know how you feel I have 2 daughters that have some lovely bras in their drawers from Victoria's Secrets etc then there are mine old lady, full cup, old fashioned style hopefully not for much longer though, I am trying! Good Luck hope you find something suitable.


That's where I got a set from in the end, they're not bad I hope just black and white boring probably mostly covered. At least hopefully they will be comfy, all the wired bras I've ever owned have failed me! Wire pops out one end or just snaps in the middle, probably means the bra was the wrong size but that's the price I had to pay to get my big girl small boobs to look voluptuous! Lol. M&S sized me as a DD! Those were baggy as hell! She did not understand 'just lift them up into the bra' I felt like saying 'no love look - I just don't have the boob to fit this!!! It was only because use they didn't stock 44B/C in store! I had to try a few to get the right size. One day I'll borrow my partners Mums sowing machine and attempt my own design! It can be done! Comfort and support in a non wired bra IS ACHEIVABLE!! Xxx

One day I will be a small girl with good sized boobs! And we will both have very pretty bras eventually! Xx


Yes I know. Take yourself off to the lingerie department in Debenhams and let one of their lovely ladies measure you accurately and show you what they have and fit it. The help they gave me when my late mother needed to go smaller, couldn't have been better. In the end she had tried every one of their models in her correct size, which they had allowed me to take home on approval for her to try. And they even helped when she insisted on the wrong size! Commenting to me wryly that they had noticed that some older ladies preferred to wear their bras more as a necklace than a support!

The most popular (ie best selling) bra in the world is Triumph's Doreen. They seem to last forever with no appreciable sign of wear. I have some that are at least 15 years old. As the last three I bought are still sitting in their wrappers. It suits most shapes, but it is not padded. I am sure there will be a softer version in the Triumph range, if you check. I think Doreen is priced around £25 each. But once you establish your size, you will be able to look out for sales and special offers. I usually find them for well under £20, by looking around. There are 3 colours always available, white, black and beige. But some of the special offers include extra colours like blue and maroon.

Hope that helps. There's nothing better for shape and morale than the right bra, and nothing worse than the wrong one!


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