Eating Late at Night

so, I have heard so many times in the past that one should avoid eating late at night, in order to lose some weight, preferably, have dinner before 7pm, so no meals after 7pm. I tried to observe this, whenever I wanted to lose some tummy fat especially, and since I got back home late, this meant, no dinner! and it did work (at least that's what I thought).

However, I haven't heard anyone talk about this recently, or on this platform. So, I am wondering, does this mean we don't have to 'skip' dinner to lose weight? I get home really late at night these days, and so I end up having dinner so late, last night, around 10pm! Will this work against my weight loss quest? or it doesn't matter what time I have dinner.



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8 Replies

  • Trial and error! Sorry no advice as some people do eat late and do loose whereas I eat late and gain. Unless try fruit and vegg rather than a big meal. See if you can try and have main meal during the day.

  • I don't know what the evidence is or isn't but opinion is weighed heavily in favour of eating earlier. I guess your metabolic rate is higher when you're awake so you'll burn off more calories after you've eaten before you go to bed and your rate slows down? Can you prepare some healthy food that you can eat earlier in the evening or late afternoon so that maybe at 10 pm you have a healthy snack as opposed to a full on meal?

  • Many people snack in the evenings, so I think it's really about preventing people from doing that and therefore reducing calorie intake overall.

    I eat late - I go to bed hungry if I don't and it's just how my life works - and I lose weight.

    The NHS plan advocates 3 meals a day, which keeps your metabolism working. What matters is how many calories you eat, and how many you burn!

  • May I ask you what time you eat late? Next week I will be eating at 11 and that is why I am asking.

  • Regularly at 9pm, often at 10pm, occasionally as late as 11 - but I am usually too hungry to wait that late unless something (such as work) is stopping me. If I am working late, then I make a mug shot or something simialr when I get home/back to accommodation, as its relatively light but filling, quick to make, and I can take them with me when working away to help me avoid stopping at the chippie! Not a great fall back for regular meals, lacking somewhat in nutritional values, but it works for me :-)

  • there are different studies that say don't eat after certain hours, but it wont work for everyone due to life commitments, try eating your meals in 12hours - so you eat in-between 12 and not for the other 12 - so for you depending on what days you work late, start the day at 10 (with breakfast) and you late meal at 10, just know what you eating and when

  • Thanks @bakersdozen @bellylaugh @Butey really helpful responses up there. I guess I would be right to say that what matters more (maybe most) is the content of my dinner. All I can say is, i'll do my best to avoid eating too late, however, if I can't avoid it, i'll try and eat only what's good! like stealing @bakersdozen's weekend dinner ideas. @rjay95 great idea, I can try, but I travel 2 hours or more to get to work, so I have to leave home between half 6 and 7am, and I can't have my dinner my 7. So that might work weekends!

  • Not sure if eating late makes THAT much difference, I don't work and get very hungry through the day so have mostly used up all my calories by 7pm!! 😊 I would hope that as long as you overall calorie content is good you would lose weight 😊 Good luck!

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