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Need to Learn to Juggle ?

Not posted in a while so here goes -

is it just me or does everyone slip from time to time, due to failing to Juggle when one thing fills my mind the others go to the back of my mind...

I know most people have busy lives, if its not 1 thing its another... Focus is a struggle

Sleep avails me, i'm a manic mess, what to do ?

New job - home - pet - other people - etc etc etc etc

Sorry i'm Rambling - - Hmm need new scales and to way myself and know where i'm at!!!!

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When life gets a bit manic, step back a bit and try and prioritise. Write a list of the things you need to do, and keep a handy diary of places and appointments you have to go to. Organise your list with most important things at the top. Work out what needs to be done to get those tasks dealt with - people to phone, shopping to order, bills to pay etc.

You will sleep better once everything is listed and you know what your next task is. Don't be afraid to ask for help from family and friends - young families often struggle on alone when they might for example have lonely neighbours who would love to feel useful!

Once you start sleeping better and feeling more in control, the eating habits will become more of a priority and you can then focus on planning healthy meals and fitting in some "me time" to exercise or just rest as necessary!


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