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Day 4 NHS

Well today has been the best day so far. Hopefully everyday will get like this. Run went well this morning ..

Meals today

Porridge and banana

Missed snack cause went shopping and run


Chicken breast bit of hot seasoning on top with brown rice , veg and whole meal pitta

Really delisious put it all the pitta bread and ate it .

Dinner chicken breast and vegetable.

Now I saw fresh tuna today and I was going to by some but the prices just for one fillet ! I can get 4 chicken breasts for that. Anyway I'm still going to hunt around ..

Oh by the way I've had a cheeky look on the scales today .all I say is I'm more than happy coming 4 days into this .. But all will get reviled on Monday weighing ..

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Hi Haynes2016,

Glad you're enjoying it so far, and your meals today sound really good! Hope you manage to find some economically prices tuna somewhere - I tend to get some frozen tuna, as it is often cheaper.

Lowcal :-)

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The longer you follow the plan the easier it gets 😊 Well done and good luck!


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