The Limbic System and Stress Eating

I just wanted to post this video here as I feel that it is invaluable in helping us to understand how and why we eat to excess when we are stressed.

Tim Van Orden is a runner and I follow his youtube videos because I just love what he says and the way he says it.

I hope others find the video just as comforting as I do.

Let me know what you think - does it make sense to you too?


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18 Replies

  • He definitely explains the competing thoughts aspect of emotional eating well. Especially if you're already familiar with weird cat behaviours. And if ice cream is a key trigger food. I'm glad you said why you chose a video by this guy as I always wonder why these people are considered 'expert' on their subject. Good to make the eating-running connection :)

  • Love it!!! Love this explanation on eating habits/rewarding ourselves, makes sense why I always thought dieting etc the biggest thing is having a war in your own head. I can understand why now. Thanks so much LessToLose for posting it. I will watch it numerous times so it sinks in. Bev

  • It's a relief to know that I'm not just weak, or feeble-minded and that with the right strategies, we can overcome :)

    Thanks for this LTL :)

  • That makes so much sense, thanks for posting 👍

  • Excellent! A strong enough why can overcome any how. Stop beating yourself up for lack of 'willpower' or 'personal responsibility' and reward yourself with an enjoyable solution.

    Thanks for this LessToLose!

  • Thank you for taking the time to share.Found it very informative.

  • Very interesting and in layman terms. I'll look for more of this man. Thank you

  • This has actually really helped the way I have been feeling lately, thanks for putting this up :)

  • I knew this would help Joanne! Well done LTL! :)

  • It's almost like self-soothing cognitive behavioural therapy - really great :)

  • Exactly! We are our own worst enemies and this allows us to stop continually beating ourselves up, for something that just isn't our fault! :)

  • I am so pleased that this has helped some of us on this journey as we battle with our inner demons!

  • I think this post should be pinned LTL! It's going to help heaps of us! :)

  • Thanks for this vid, its great. Have been watching his videos for hours now! Starting to crave salad which doesnt often happen lol. Cant remember if it was in this vid, but i really like the tip when you have the urge to eat junk to be like 'ok, you can eat junk later, bjt first just have a piece of fruit'. Im def going to try that!

  • I am glad you liked the video and that you enjoyed his others, too. I find him very inspirational and he always seems to get me out of the house for a run even when I am procrastinating!

  • Thank you LTL for posting this link. Yeah, it makes sense to me. He opens up possibilities and inspires. Have bookmarked him and thank you again for your share...

  • Wow this was really an eye opener puts a lot of things into perspective and a lot to take in and understand.

  • Great post, really enjoyed it 👍

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