Somebody sew my mouth up!!!!

Omg I don't know why I do this to myself!!! Yes I fell off the wagon slightly over the weekend , we had a wedding and a birthday celebration but was back on it loosely yesterday then back today weighing and writing all my food down (even used the measuring jug for my wine as needed some today!!) but I then proceeded to eat two chocolate bars( kit kat and a club) an apple ( which yes is good but still holds calories) and a muller light yoghurt!! I even organised a gym induction for this Friday, I was in the right head space I have no idea what went wrong, I was even telling myself as I was stood in the kitchen to get out I don't need anything!!! 😡😡 I'm so cross with myself, if I can't turn myself around quite literally and back away from the food then how on earth am I going to get this weight off 😢 I'm sick of starting again when I don't know what made me give up?!? But onto tomorrow 💪 Thanks for the rant 😊


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8 Replies

  • Sometimes there is that little voice in our head which tells us to ignore everybody's advice and reach for the immediate gratification of that illicit snack. I have been there.... and it is usually because I am annoyed or resentful and am resorting to a comfort treat to make myself feel better. I find it particularly tempting when I am alone in the house - almost as if no-one can see me, it didn't happen!

    Well at least you are brave enough to post on here, and having faced your demons, can get stuck in to some sensible food planning again tomorrow! Best of luck!

  • Yes, that little voice needs a slap!!! I'm so glad of this site as I can use it to 'grass' myself up so I have to deal with it and also big myself up ( eventually!) when it's going right! It's also nice (but not) to know others feel the same 😊

  • Today is another day.... Every lapse is an opportunity to gather your strength, pick yourself up and re-boot your determination! Have a good day (and maybe work the choc off with some exercise?). Good luck!!!

  • Morning Lakes25. Think that there must be something in the air as I did exactly the same and had my rant last night! Its so frustrating when we know we shouldn't do it. But some great advice on here and this morning I have just picked myself up and drawn a line under yesterday and I will start again today. Hope you feel more positive today and back on track :)

  • Don't be too hard on yourself... It happens to the best of us.

    What's important is that you can turn your eating habit round today and going forward.

    All the best and remember baby steps... Onwards and upwards :)

  • You didn't give up. What you did was normal. When there are celebrations going on, they involve food and drink. And most of us have a treat. What isn't normal is managing your intake to steadily deliver a weight loss. So then you needed to manage your way back into it, which you have done. Stop beating yourself up for acting like the rest of humanity and start praising yourself that superhuman you is now back in the zone. It often takes me up to a week to catch up with the healthy eating wagon and climb back on. Anyone who tells you different is being economical with the truth! What happens as you build on your successes, is that you learn some short cuts. They don't always work, but if you keep plugging away, one day they will.

    You do know that most of us have had a more indulgent weekend because of the bank holiday and the weather? You had 2 much better excuses than I did. Adding just one extra day to the weekend, does something to our attitudes and we all take our feet off the brakes. I bet there isn't a single person on here who didn't indulge to some extent. If there is, I want to hear how!

    You did fine. And will continue to. As will the rest of us, now that normality has been resumed.

  • Thank you that does make me feel better 😊

  • That's good, so now both of us are feeling better!

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