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Nordic Walking week 2

Well back for my 2nd lesson, this time it was raining and windy so the rose tinted view of lovely country walks was lost! Anyway, stepped up and attached the poles (after a mini warm up). Moved up to 2nd gear, rolling on the feet more, up straight, resting pressure on the strap and away I went.... then tried skipping in 2nd gear! Jargon or what. Not sure how I am going to keep up in 4th gear.

Felt I was doing some work, not overly energetic, not exhausting but lots of pauses to talk through the technique, all in all and enjoyable if not a bit wet session..

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Sounds like there is more to it than just walking with poles? Well done for turning up despite the weather - at least no-one can accuse you of being a fair-weather walker!

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And I thought they just waved their arms around. Must be great fun, if even the weather didn't put you off. Can't wait for your next lesson. Beats my reading club book.

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