Need to confess!

Hi I don't know what has gone wrong today? I think it started last night when my husband suggested we go out for a Chinese meal to cheer my daughter up. I just love crispy duck pancakes and couldn't resist. I also felt I needed a little cheering up as I felt a bit exhausted from looking after my mother in law who went home in the afternoon after staying with us all week. I get on so well with her but she is quite needy. I thought OK I would have the meal then get back on to it today. However I just seemed to have grazed all day! Left over party food, cookies, nuts, cakes, biscuits, cheese, you name it I seem to have eaten it. So cross with myself. I have not done this for 13 weeks. I can honestly say that I have been so good I have amazed myself. So I really need to get back on track and I have been wrestling with my thoughts this evening. I feel I need to confess to you all how bad I have been munching today then maybe I will be able to regroup tomorrow and be strong again. Thanks for reading.


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29 Replies

  • Sometimes muffin, we hang onto the reins so tightly, that when we slacken that grip slightly, the horse bolts! :)

    I should know, I'm one of those people. It's all, or nothing for me :)

    Draw a line under today and start afresh tomorrow, because in your head, today's already a lost cause, but tomorrow is unsullied ;)

    Maybe a lesson for both of us, is a small, planned treat, not feast, or famine :)

    Good luck, you can deal with this, just as superbly as you've dealt with everything else. Have faith in yourself :)

  • Thanks so much moreless. Yes I am a bit all or nothing too. I think your comment about hanging onto the reins so tightly is so accurate. That actually feels like what has happened, I eased off the reins for a bit and that horse really went for it! I really appreciate your reply :)

  • It's one think recognising our traits, it's quite another dealing with them! I've been hanging onto my reins for 9 months, now. I hope you're going to be around to remind me of this conversation when I slacken my grip! :)

  • I'll be there ;)

  • I'm really glad to hear that :)

  • Try and focus on getting back on plan. I'm in a phase of losing my discipline a bit, these phases can really drag on. But if you can get back on track quickly everything will be fine. A day of eating a bit extra can even (apparently) boost your metabolism, so it may even turn out to be to your benefit... Take care, and I hope the focus comes back asap :)

  • Thanks so much for your reply Ruth_canal_runner. So like the idea that maybe I have boosted my metabolism. So hope I wake up in the morning more focused and ready to get back on track. Thanks again :)

  • Let us know how it goes. It's all part of the process, just take it all as it comes, then move onto the next stage (as quickly as possible) :)

  • Thanks Ruth. So grateful for your replies. Thinking that what has happened today is part of the process and I can just move on tomorrow is much better than beating myself up over it and thinking I have failed in some way.

  • Definitely not failed - it's totally human and we all do it! It's how we recover that marks us out from people who just don't try at all. And you'll definitely recover - I just know it! I love just knowing tomorrow is another day - keep trying :)

  • Thank you :)

  • It sounds like you've had quite a lot to contend with recently and so to only have 'gone wrong' for a couple of days is, I feel, a really achievement. You know what, tomorrow is another day. Make sure there are no more 'naughty' tempting things in the house if possible and maybe post your pledges for the day tomorrow morning? Whatever you think will work. Good luck! You've done it for 13 weeks, just get back on it tomorrow :-)

  • Thanks so much for your reply Sarah578. I have just thrown the rest of the party food and the left over cake. Will get my daughter to hide the millionaires shortbread that my sister in law made (OMG they were the most yummy thing ever!) as there are only a few pieces left and she will eat them up anyway I hope. The annoying thing is I have had loads of tempting treats in the house for the last 13 weeks and not even been bothered with them. Think I will try to pledge in the morning to help me get back on it. Thanks again :)

  • You can do it Muffin! :-)

  • Don't beat yourself up about it, we all have a blip now and again, just get back on track tomorrow, you'll be fine

  • Thanks Caz28. I will try to focus again from tomorrow :)

  • Don't worry too much, this does happen, I was doing the same all last week - in my case it was stress and tiredness.

    Often the problem is stress-related and maybe you are still de-stressing after your MIL visited because, even if you get on so well, having someone stay is always hard work!

    A lengthy period of stress releases hormones and these hormones make us hungry (amongst other things).

    Another thing I read recently is that when we are stressed, the deepest part of our brain (our limbic, or lizard brain), which is the oldest part since we evolved, only knows that stress = no food available, so it sends out signals for us to seek out food.

    So one thing to remember is that it is perfectly natural to be wanting to eat as that is our survival technique that has kept the species going over the millennia. IT IS NOT A FAILING AND YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!!

    You must also be aware that by feeling bad about yourself and your eating, you are continuing to feel stressed and then you can't break the cycle. What you need to do is forgive yourself, not worry about it and move on.

    I hope I make sense and that you feel better soon!

  • Thanks so much LessToLose. Makes perfect sense. I had not thought about me feeling bad about my eating is actually continuing the cycle. I will try to forgive myself. Interesting what you say about our brain sending out signals for us to seek out food. Definitely how I have been feeling today. Thanks so much for your reply :)

  • Good morning muffintop 😀 hope your feeling a bit brighter this morning and have drawn a line under yesterday and moved on. Today is a new day. Remember we are only human and life will get in the way occasionally its how we deal with it that matters. You'll be fine. You've got your house back so you can concentrate on YOU . 😀

  • Thanks so much Claire2stone. I am just sitting here working out what my pledges will be for the day as suggested by Sarah578. Feel stronger today and have just thrown away some more left over party cake that I don't want to look at any more. I think you are right and I didn't realise quite how much of my energy went on looking after my mother in law. Now we are back to normal hopefully I can get back to normal. Thanks again for your reply - it all helps so much :)

  • No problem muffintop 😀 it's exhausting just spending a day with mine so you need a gold star 😃 good luck with your pledges and let us know how you get on x

  • Thanks - will do :)

  • I have no doubt that you will get hold of the reins again.

    I think your 'blip' was very human and I love that you posted it. Thank you!

    Reminds me not to give myself a tough time if I lapse for a day - just pick up the fitness reins and take back control.

    Have a lovely day!

  • Thanks Seuzan. I do feel more in control this morning. You have a lovely day too :)

  • Thank you! Xx

  • Hi muffintop67, well I have done the same as you, but without your good excuses. This is the last bank holiday weekend till the end of August. So I reckon we both have 13 weeks to get organised again! To be honest an occasional weekend off is neither here nor there in the weight loss journey. And it only gives us one weekend to get it wrong. Followed by a week of getting back to our new normality of healthy eating. Just concentrate on your 13 excellent weeks and not 3 days off. I think we both deserved them. I'm sorry I won't be going down tomorrow when I weigh, but it is nothing I can't correct and by Friday, it will be business as usual. Here's to an excellent week next week.

  • HI Venusflytrap. Must be something in the air! If we can be good for the next 13 weeks then that's not bad going. Sure next week will be an excellent week :)

  • Well done for admitting it to yourself and others. This is good learning and I'm sure you won't do this again. I am finding (admittedly quite new at this!) the old 80:20 rule seems to work quite well so the odd treat one day a week really shouldn't hurt and might make it not build up so much. It's worse to deny yourself for long periods of time. I have also pinned a load of inspirational quotes to the fridge for my very weak moments!

  • I love all the inspirational quotes too. I am back on track today and hope to stay with it again now. I felt better once I had admitted my slip up. The 80:20 rule is a good one but I am a bit of an all or nothing gal so it's probably best to just steer clear of all naughtiness for a bit longer :)

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