If Planet Earth was a Disc – I would have fallen off the edge!

If Planet Earth was a Disc – I would have fallen off the edge!

As some of you may know, I have finally reached the “healthy BMI range” on Monday so I thought this might be a good time to reflect.

In the past 20 months since the end of October 2014 I have managed to reduce my weight of 104.5kg (BMI of 43.5 – OBESE III) to a current weight of 59.8kg (BMI of 29.9 – HEALTHY – just about).

I’ve started this journey on my own, I never felt it necessary to sign of for any slimming clubs or a gym.

The picture attached shows a graph of how I have improved my activity in steps – I would attribute a big part of my weight loss to increased exercise rather than a “change in lifestyle”. Yes, I have reduced my calorie intake and yes, I've learned an awful lot about nutrition, however I'm eat for the joys of flavours and textures not just for the sake of eating, so I'll probably never become a "healthy eater", just a more conscious one. :)

I’ve started off walking around 300,000-400,000 steps per month, last month I’ve accumulated over 930,000 steps.

In distance I’ve walked over 4,750 miles – over 9,951,100 steps – in words – nine million nine hundred fifty one thousand one hundred steps.

In addition to that I’ve accumulated a distance of over 1,400 miles on my cross trainer (comparable to a bike in terms of distance for time).

This would bring my grand total of miles covered to nearly 6,200 miles – This is about the distance between London and Cape Town (as the crow flies), or in other words, if the earth was a disc, I would have fallen off the edge as the radius of this planet is only just under 4,000 miles. ;)

I must admit that my physical health doesn’t seem much improved but then I don’t think I ever had any weight related problems. However, I think it much improved my mental wellbeing as I’m no longer the “fat girl” witch glares and whispers coming my way when I enter a room. No more worries before a holiday on whether I’ll fit into that low-cost airline seat – never mind the increased space in the suitcase!

My journey isn’t yet complete, as I would like to be in the middle of the healthy range (another 8kg to go). At this point I hope to be fit enough to go on a few long distance hikes and maybe even dare one of the really big (1000+ mile) ones! :)

I hope with the continued support of this forum and a little teeeeeny bit of willpower I will get to my goal by the end of August.


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44 Replies

  • That's so cool Foodie! Please definitely tell us if you ever go on a 1000+ mile trek :)

  • I'll make sure I will, I might have to start some sort of blog at that point, to make sure I'll remember all the strange encounters! 😉

  • Hi Foodie87,

    Wow!!!!!! You are amazing! :-) This is such an inspiring post, and many Congratulations on your weight loss journey and all your achievements. I love your graph too - really demonstrates how far you've come, and literally - you've travelled kms and kms and kms as well - all those steps...! You're a globe trotter and runner extraordinaire!!!


    Good job the earth is round, that's all I can say!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal.

    Yep, at least once I get to 25000 miles I can say I went around it, rather than fell off it, that seems so much more graceful. 😉

  • very well done. you're half the weght you used to be.


  • Thank you teresina. 😊

  • Amazing and inspirational Foodie, and at the rate you are going you should lose that final 8kgs by the end of August! So glad you did not fall over the edge :-)

  • Thank you. That's all just thanks to the super sticky soles on my shoes! 😉

  • Oh my good grief Foodie, you did it! It's so impressive, I'm gobsmacked! :)

    If you do a mega trek, you'll have to do a blog, so we can track your progress and cheer you on! :)

    I think that what you've achieved is nothing short of amazing and I take my hat off to you. What an inspiration to us all, that you are! WTG you! :)

  • Thank you moreless. Maybe with the help of Zest we could come to a little bloggy-arrangement on here. 😉

    Who else would I share my blisters and lack of chocolate worries with? 😉

  • What a fantastic idea and I'm sure that Lowcal would be up for it! :)

    I'm an expert in both blisters and chocolate! :D

  • I was hoping you are! ;)

  • I'm happy to help in anyway I can! :-)

  • Great news! Be prepared to have the blister plasters and blog facilities ready in about a year's time. I already picked the route, now I just need the time! (and just a bit of prep!) ;)

  • Exciting! :-)

  • Scary more like - I'm just going to drop the number here - 1200 miles! :D I better take spare boots! ;)

  • Wow!!! I think you'll need several pairs of boots for that, Foodie! :-)

  • I fear they'll have to be en-route purchases, the backpack will be heavy enough without spare shoes! Let's hope I'll find something that's comfy from day 1 and doesn't need breaking in. Or I'll definitely need someone to send an emergency package of blister plasters! ;)

  • OMG! It's so exciting! I can't wait for you to give us a few more details, so I can buy a map and some coloured pins to track you as you go :)

  • Haha. I don't want to give away too much, in case I change my mind / chicken out! ;)

    I can tell you, what I'm looking at is in the US of A (all within a single state!) and parts of the trail lead through built up areas, so I'm hoping for a decent mobile signal (at least on most days) to be able to keep people updated and let them know I'm still alive! ;)

    I'm probably looking at spring time to a) avoid the summer heat and b) the autumn hunting season - not planning on being mistaken for a deer! :) c) don't want to freeze my toes off in winter either

  • If you tell us, it'll stop you chickening out!

    I shall have my red, white and blue pom poms at the ready! Perfect for here and there! ;)

    Spring sounds perfect! :)

  • Fair point! I'll do some more research first, just to be sure that's the trail for me and then I'll tell you! :)

  • Woohoo! WTG you! :)

  • I can also help with advice about both blisters and chocolate too :)

  • Double choc support, what else can a woman want? :D

  • I started my weight loss journey with walking as well. It was very effective, but I haven't lost as much as you! Now I'm running, which is great fun, and have averaged 11.8 km a day walking or running for the last year. Weight has got stuck a bit - let's call it maintaining - hovering within a range of about 3 kg around the healthy BMI mark. Your weight loss is amazing and with your willpower I'm sure you'll lose those last few pounds by August!

  • Thank you! I'm sure you'll be able to overcome your current plateau and drop those 3kg sooner than you think. :)

  • That's amazing! Congratulations you, you must feel so pleased :-) And that 1000 mile trek, I'm there :-)

  • Thanks Sarah. Ooooh, someone to tag along with would be amazing! ;) I'm not sure my other half will be up for it! :D

  • ;-)

  • OMG THAT IS AMAZING 😀 only capitals can express how chuffed I am for you and your journey. Well done foodie you are an inspiration...have you got before and after pictures as I think that really shows how far you've come. 😇

  • Hi Claire, thank you. (Un)fortunately I'm a master of avoiding cameras, so there aren't any "official" before photos. Although I have spotted a picture of me in my other half's parent's digital photo frame, I will have to try and get hold of that somehow!

  • Please try and get one for you .... make sure you keep it as a reminder not to ever be there again 😀

  • Oh, I'll make sure of that and if it's by you lot reminding me on the weekly weigh in! I hope I'll still be able to part take once I get to my goal!

    Also, I can't go back up, I can't afford another change of wardrobe, I've gotten rid of almost everything that's too big. I'm currently between sizes 6-10 and the biggest stuff flying around due to lack of time of getting rid is something in size 14. The 22s have long gone to the charity shop! ;)

    But I am tempted to buy a pair of size 22 and hold them up against my size 8 trousers! :)

  • You have done so brilliantly, not only in weight loss, but in your stamina as well and I am sure that means overall that you are much, much healthier.

    I am sure you will lose the remaining 8kg and I look forward to reading all about your fantastic walking expeditions!

  • Thank you LessToLose. It's just as amazing as your own journey, you've done so well! :)

  • Very focussed and disciplined. Fantastic progress - an inspirational story:-)

  • Thank you suzybenj. :)

  • Brilliant well done! Just reading about all those steps made me tired :-)

  • Thank you. It's not that tiring really, I did manage to spread them out a bit. 😉

  • Utterly a-Maz-ing. Wonderful achievement.

  • Thank you Sheilamb. :)

  • Fantastic story Foodie87. Sure you will lose those last few kg's by August. Great inspiration :)

  • Thank you muffintop. :)

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