Day 3 NHS diet good good !

So end of day 3 food with some fruit later on before half 7

.. Had some good advice about my hunger in the morning where I was eating cornflakes but wasn't filling me up . So had some porridge and filled me up a bit more this morning ..

And got some advice about my snacks from people on hear yesterday

Morning :porridge

Morning snack/lunch ( get break at work at 10:15 and not another one till 3pm ) chicken breast pasta and veg .

3 pm 4/5 a day veg ( carrot , pepper , grapes , cucumber ,)

Nice dinner tonight . Chicken breast and veg . With some fresh chilli ,ginger and garlic chopped up finely and put as a topping on the chicken .

Going to have some fresh tuna at end of week to mix things around .

Still on track and had my 5 a day

Tomorrow 2nd session on the CT5K looking forward to it ...


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8 Replies

  • Sounds like your doing really well and enjoying the nhs12wk plan.😀 I love the sound of your meals and its great your having a more fulfilling breakfast. We all love porridge with various fruit and seed toppings...not got bored yet and it's wk 14! Good luck with your 2nd run tomorrow too 🏃

  • Hi Claire

    Yes so far it's been great .. I just want to hit that 12 week barrier . Going from eating crap and takeaways all. The time to now eating healthy has been really hard change .. But I've got my goals in site and that and my children keep me going .

  • Good morning 😀 glad you've got lots of motivation as now your half way there!! It is really hard in the beginning but it does get easier. I had a Chinese last wk and only ate a small amount but felt really greasy and sick. It was a horrible feeling. Your body and taste buds change for the better 😆 I'm on wk 14 (of 12!!! But it's for life not just 12wks) and have lost just over a stone and a half only 6lb to go to get to my goal. So it can be done. Stick with the plan and keep moving and you'll be running rings around your kids 🏃 good luck. Claire x

  • The thing about takeaways .. I heard the best bit of advice that has always stuck in my head and going forward with the diet..

    That when you eat takeaway your going to hurt .. ( Now I don't no about yourself but in morning and next day my stomach hurts where it's cramping to process the food then hurt to go to the toilet ) .. That your hurting your stomach and you are in pain from eating the takeaway . Now do you want that every time you eat takeaway ? And that last 3/4 days I've done this my stomach has been so much better no pain whatsoever

  • Totally agree. That will be my last take away. I think you can make far tastier and healthier curry's, chow mein, Fish and chips etc at home for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the fat and hurting tummys. True how your body's shouting NO!!! We want it saying YES I'm a temple !?! We only have one and we need to look after it, maybe 36yrs to late but we have to try for our kids sake 😀

  • Well done! Every day it will become a little easier 😊

  • You are doing really well! Well done!!!

  • If I add the equivalent of half a carton of yog to my porridge it fills me up even more. Especially if it is a tbsp of 0% fat plain Greek yogurt.

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