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Another kg lost

Hi Peeps, I missed the weigh in yesterday, as I left my laptop at work. But I am glad to announce that I have lost another kg since last Monday, so I am now 67.1kg.

The inches seem to stay, but I may as well be just rubbish with a measuring tape.

I have 6 weeks to go till the party and 8 till my holiday.

If I manage to keep up the good work it can happen. I can now fit in a size 12 dress I just bought for the party. But majority of my old clothes are still on the hanger.

This past week was bit harder, because I had less time to exercise, but I squeezed a lot in on Sunday. Foodwise it was OK. I had to guess on occasions due to dinner invites, BUT I really had small portions and balanced with soups etc during the day. I swapped my usual lager for a vodka, lime wedge soda combo- but to be honest I am trying to keep dry as much during these few weeks as possible.

That is all from me. Work is super busy (sad face) but I will try to catch up with you peeps to see how you shrinking!

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Congrats on another 1kg down! I don't think its too late to weigh in on Zest 's thread... Maybe have a look for it further down the page?


Hi CurlyBayleaf,

I just noticed Ruth_canal_runner mentioned my name, and so I'm here with the link to the Afternoon/Evening session of yesterday's Monday group weigh-in, so please do put your result in there, if you want to, as it's not too late. I'll be doing the stats later in the week, in terms of finalising them, and I'm more than happy to include you!


Congratulations on your great result!

Lowcal :-)


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